The day before A Wednesday!

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If any director can confidently call himself “different,” it is Neeraj Pandey. His directorial debut, A Wednesday!, was an unconventional story and unexpected from a first-time director. The movie was not only critically appreciated but won many awards and drew in great crowds to the cinema halls. As a director, Pandey gained himself great credibility from his first film and set the expectations for himself sky-high.

Keeping on the alternative tangent, Pandey has decided to script and direct the prequel to A Wednesday! instead of the sequel. An interesting idea, Pandey was quick to zone in on the idea that has not been utilized by any Hindi film maker. Sources claim, “Usually, one would’ve thought that Neeraj would plan to take ahead the story of A Wednesday! as it had ended on an open note.” However, Pandey found the idea of a prequel more interesting and of course, different. The story will follow the characters on the day before the dreaded Wednesday and give audiences more of a peek into their lives.

However, while the script is nearly ready, a formal announcement from UTV has been delayed as the legal rights over the movie has been sold to Kamal Haasan for a Tamil remake. Currently, Neeraj too is staying hush on the script claiming that until the legal matter is not completely resolved, he would be unable to speak on the subject.

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