“The film has turned out far bigger than we imagined” – Asmit Pathare talking on “The Last Act”

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Asmit Pathare who was appointed as the project director for Large Short Films The Last Act says that his job was to sum up all the eleven films made by other directors. The Last Act is the story of a psychopath killer who commits a crime and leaves 12 different clues around and the police have to find the evidence for the answer to the crime. The 12 clues are left with evidence in 12 different cities of the country. The film is slated for a 12.12.12 release because as you can see everything about the film revolves round the number 12.

“I was asked to make a segment of the epilogue and prologue. My film introduces the theme and ends the film. The films that the other directors have made set up the investigation and the clues and evidences. The main premise of the film was by Anurag Kashyap, but we were asked to work on stories within ten days and shoot within 15 days. However everyone responded well and the outcome was beautiful. My editor Samyukta Kaza was a great help. We were stuck up at a point but Anurag Kashyap bailed us out by giving us ideas,” informs Asmit.

“Now that we are ready for the release I realize that the film has turned out far bigger and greater than we had imagined,” adds Asmit.

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