The insomniac’s night with the Shaandaar team!

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Alia Bhatt & Shahid Kapoor will be seen together in their upcoming movie called Shaandaar.

It seems like everybody is excited to see the fresh onscreen jodi since the trailer has come out!

The two actors launched a new song from the movie called ‘Gulaabo’ and despite having a busy they were pretty excited to have an exclusive live chat session with their fans at midnight on the same day!

Here we bring some of the fun things we got to learn from Alia & Shahid during the great #ShaandaarInsomniacChat

What will Alia miss the most about Shahid ?

Shahid has got a new way to hug his fans and that’s so adorable!

Here’s something Alia finds annoying about herself but we think it’s cute!

If Alia could have gone back in time…

Shahid’s most exciting moment

Someone asked Alia her favorite Shahid Kapoor’s movies and once again she showed the world she has great tastes!

Alia has a good way to deal with criticism

Shahid’s reaction when he got to know his father & his sister would be a part of the movie

The moment Alia made us go all ‘awwww’

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