The Kareena and Akshay Kiss

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Seems there is a new trend in Bollywood and that is kissing. Not only will we see Hrithik smooch Barbara in Kites, Kareena kiss Saif in Rensil D’SIlva’s film but we will also see Bebo kiss Akki in Kambhakt Ishq.

The film is a battle of the sexes with the result being love and on their way there Akshay and Kareena aka Viraj and Simrita share a kiss. Reports are that when shooting the kissing scene both felt awkward and were hesitant at first but in the end, professionals that they are, the shot was complete to the satisfaction of everyone. We will have to wait and watch to see how the scene turns out however because it will only be seen in the film not in any of the promos.

Kambhakt Ishq is scheduled to release this August!

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