The Ranbir-Avantika Connect

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We all know that Imran Khan is getting set to marry his ace girl Avantika but very few know that Imran’s buddy Ranbir Kapoor had a crush on Avantika back in school. The duo in fact dated when they were attending Bombay Scottish School. A classmate to both told a leading tabloid, “Ranbir and Avantika were going around when in school. When they broke up, he was quite distraught. Of course, they were too young then, and it’s so wonderful to see them doing well for themselves in their respective lives now. Avantika has found a lovely guy in Imran, and Ranbir, too, is a wonderful actor!” And so it works out well for the boys as not only do they get along immensely well but so do Avantika and Ranbir.

Ranbir however is finding himself rather lonely these days. After breaking up with Deepika Padukone, the actor has been seen mopping around on the sets of Anjana Anjani. While the crew expected him to bond big time with Priyanka Chopra, his co-star in the film, he has been doing just the opposite. The actor is said to have been said shopping and keeping to himself. Deepika, who has taken the break up incredibly badly, took a leave of absence from the Bollywood and escaped to the U.S. to recover from the break up and attend a family wedding. She has returned supposedly recovered and even slimmer than usual. Ranbir has been said to want his girl back and is hoping they will be able to work things out.

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