The Return of Sushmita Sen

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Sushmita Sen returns to Bollywood after a year’s absence. The former Miss Universe will be appearing alongside Govinda in the comedy Do Knot Disturb. “It’s an out-and-out entertaining film with comedy king Govinda in it,” she says, “It will turn out to be a laugh riot for cine lovers.”

As if one former beauty queen was not enough, the movie will also star the delectable Lara Dutta.

Sushmita is also continuing to work on her own personal project – the movie Rani Laxmi Bai. Preparation for this has taken over a year so far. Isn’t this a long time? “Yes, it has been rolling for a while now and we are taking our own sweet time to ensure that everything is where we want it,” she explains. “The prep work has started and the script is ready. The shooting will start sometime next year.”

Sushmita, of course, is also famous for being a happy single mother with her daughter, Renee. She loves the role. “Renee is doing wonderfully,” she says.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai police have been criticised by the High Court for the way they carried out their investigation into Sushmita’s Toyota Land Cruiser import deal. Even six months after the start of the investigation, the police had still failed to gather the original transaction documentation.

The deal came to the attention of the authorities after the local government had imposed a 23 lakh surcharge on Sushmita, claiming she had deliberately avoided local taxes (octroi). In her defence, Sushmita had claimed that the vehicle was in fact collateral for a loan she had made to Vasu Thamalla and had not been a purchase.

The case continues.

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