The Saif-Rosa Saga

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The two-year relationship between the one of the most loving couples in Tinsel Town has come to a sudden end. Saif Ali Khan’s relationship with his Italian girlfriend, Rosa Catalano, has been cut short while Saif announced the news in early March. The couple has been living together for about two years after Saif divorced his wife of fourteen years, Amrita Singh. Recently the actor was rushed to the hospital after claiming to have acute chest pains and was later diagnosed with clots in his heart. Fortunately, the treatment went well and the actor was released from the hospital safely. However, the real world did gave him a surprise after Rosa decided to leave him and go back to Luzern, Switzerland – her hometown. She is expected to return to Mumbai in a few weeks time to start her own career. Rumours also suggest that she will be hosting a show on fashion.

Although there are no definite reasons, the split has been attributed to strains and “uncountable differences” between them, but reluctant Saif didn’t want to expose anymore reasons. “Rosa and I have decided to part ways. Yes, she has gone back home. That’s the gist of all I want to say at the moment,” Saif stated in a statement for the media. A close buddy revealed that things were getting sticky between them, but what exactly can be the cause of the split? Saif’s fans and the general public seem to believe that the split was for the better, but what if it actually turns out to be for the worse? Although Saif has put up a cool and calm front, his friends claim that he is more hurt than ever. What if this could be a setback to his upcoming films and movies? Or on the other hand, will it give Saif a new lease of life? Only time will tell!

So, getting a bit nosy here…what exactly could be the reason for the split? It could be that one of them wanted to get married while the other didn’t. Or, it could also be the fact that the thought of taking care of Saif’s children during family holidays was too much for Rosa. Rosa did once said that she was tired of being Saifs’ “arm candy”. Or maybe, just maybe, Saif has started to think about his ex-wife Amrita once again. However, it’s most probable that Rosa wants to fulfill her glamorous career but with Saif around, she can’t establish any name other than “Saif’s girlfriend, Rosa”. Maybe they are just tired of looking at each other everyday and while one wants to eat naan, the other might want to eat pasta de la sou. And one more thought that is on everyone’s mind: Should he get back to his ex-wife, Amrita? Maybe he should, after the recent heart scare and all, it hints that Rosa may not have been taking ac good care of Saif as she should have. Sometimes you should just let your love lay low, because once you split, the world will be there on your heels trying to get every detail about what, when and how it happened. Oh well, it’s time that all Saifu-fans come together and support our Langda! Message for Saif: Life is tough but you need to pick up the pieces and move on. You’ve got a rocking career and two beautiful kids, and we can’t wait to see you on screen in your next!

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