The secret behind Ghajini

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This Tamil remake has been making headlines and not just because it’s Aamir Khan‘s first film after Taare Zameen Par, but also because of its unique title. Even though a lot of people know a bit about the film, no one could figure out what or who Ghajini is. The janta thought it was the name of Aamir’s character but is that correct? The answer (according to our sources) is that Ghajini is the name of the antagonist whom Aamir’s character is in search for.

The character of Ghajini is portrayed by Pradeep Singh Rawat, the same actor who played this role in the Tamil version. He has previously acted with Aamir in the film Lagaan in which he played the sardar with the horrible temper. In Ghajini, he kills Aamir’s girlfriend (played by Asin) and runs away after brutally injuring Aamir himself and leaving him confused and flustered. Also, the villain has a double role in the film.

Ghajini is definitely one of the most awaited movies of this year.

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