The story and some amazing Rockstar stills

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From what we can tell so far the upcoming Rockstar is an epic film for young actor Ranbir Kapoor. He had to totally immerse himself into the character that goes from a young boy to a superstar. Ranbir described the film, directed by Imtiaz Ali in a recent interview: “It’s a love story, it’s predominantly a classic love story and it’s a musical journey of this musician. In life we all have that one person, who they deeply love, and that person has the ability to destroy you. But that also makes us the person who we are. Rockstar is about that person’s journey.”

Ranbir himself has said that the role was so intense that after filming was done he actually was depressed. “Not only me, I think all those attached to this film, loved it so much and gave so much of ourselves to it that we became empty. It wasn’t that it was a tragedy, it was just that we felt a void. After the film was, I felt there was nothing left inside me. I think I grew up, I aged, or at least I feel I did.”

He says he is very excited about the release on 11-11-11 but nervous, “I feel Rockstar is special, I will feel very dejected if it doesn’t work. Right now I am too excited but maybe when it’s out there for judgment I will get jitters.”

The story:

Janardan, born and brought up in the very middle class locality of Pitampura in Delhi, has a larger than life dream – of being a rockstar like Jim Morrison! But all he gets from his reluctant audience is ridicule and humiliation. He’s at his wit’s end, when he realises that all musical stars, all artists in fact, have one thing in common. And that is tragedy. They all have tragic lives. They have all suffered painful heartbreaks to become what they are. Alas, there is no pain in Janardan’s life – it is an oasis of peace. Unless he does something drastic, he will never become a rockstar. Heer Kaul is the undisputed diva of the college campus – beautiful, talented, arrogant, rich, unavailable. She has broken many hearts. . Janardan hopes she will break his heart too. He sets out to woo Heer with the sole object of getting his heart broken. Rockstar is the journey of a boy – who leaves behind Janardan to become Jordan; who traverses the highs and lows of life – from simple naivete to tortured soul, from the pleasure of unaffected friendship to the torment of unrequited love, from the campus in Delhi to the international stage… He ultimately gets all that his heart has ever desired…but in the process shatters / loses his heart forever…

Check out these amazing stills!

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