The varying shades of Ajay Devgan in 2010

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From Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge to the recent Golmaal 3, Ajay Devgn has been one busy bee this year with 6 releases including a special appearance in Teen Patti. But you won’t find two roles the same in amongst these. As the obliging yet frustrated Puneet in Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge, he gave you the giggles but then did a complete turnaround with his gangster with a conscience act as Sultan Mirza in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, which left us seething at his cruelty but charmed by his character. The last time the actor had more than 5 releases was back in 2005, a year that had Apharan for which he got a National Award nomination for Best Actor.

So how does he decide which role to choose and what about the accusation that he favours working with his friends more than others? The actor retorts the allegation and says “I am working with Priyadarshan [Tezz], Milan Luthria and Madhur Bhandarkar [Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji] as well. Ultimately, I work with different people on different kind of scripts and play different kind of characters. Whoever can come up with the best film, I would work with him. Issme kisi particular gang ke saath kaam karne waali koyi baat nahi hai” when speaking to Bollywood Hungama’s Joginder Tuteja.

But this non-stop release run won’t be for much longer according to the actor as he feels its time to slow down. “I want to cut down on films but I somehow I am not able to do that. But you would see that after a year or so, there would be a sharp decline in the projects that I sign” the actor says.

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