The Vidya Balan Awards

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Vidya Balan had a fantastic year in 2011 with award winning performances in No One Killed Jessica and of course The Dirty Picture and it certainly shows with the actress sweeping up countless awards for Best Actress.  It seems though that Bollywood’s own Silk is not satisfied with receiving so many awards and has taken to giving out a few herself and were not talking about the award ceremonies.

Vidya has always been known to get along well with her co stars and crew and it seems there was no exception on the set of her new film Kahaani.  During her time filming she immediately clicked with an assistant called Jayanti and her wicked sense of humor was allowed to run wild!

An insider to the film reveals, “Vidya became very close to Jayanti and would joke with her and bully her affectionately. On the last say of the shoot, VB decided to give away Jai Jayanti awards on the sets. She created six categories and all the awards went to Jayanti!”

Its nice to see that with all the success Vidya still stays true to herself and we look forward to seeing more of her award winning performances in the upcoming Kahaani.

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