The Voice India: Week 2 Blind Auditions

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Pawandeep - Team Shaan

Pawandeep – Team Shaan

The second week of The Voice India opened with a quick recap of the first week; showing the contestants that had been selected and also the coaches expectations from the singers.

The first contestant of Saturday’s show was Boston born Nalini Krishnan. Nalini is 21 years old and is born and bought up in Boston, USA. She is studying music and wants to be a singer/music director. Nalini sang ‘Jallah Wallah’ from Ishaqzaade. The coaches were extremely impressed by Nalini’s performance. Coach HR was the first to hit the buzzer, followed very closely by coaches Mika and then Shaan. Coach Sunidhi did not hit the buzzer. After much comic grovling (!) and pleading from the coaches, Nalini chose our favourite coach HR, and is the third contestant to join Team Himesh.

The second contestant was Sayan Chaudhary. Sayan sang the popular song ‘Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta’ from Boss. Coach HR was the first to hit the buzzer, while the other three coaches chose not to hit the buzzer this time. Coach HR told Sayan that even though this was not his best performance, as a coach it is his job to train his voice as he does see potential in him. Sayan naturally went into Team Himesh!

The third contestant was 17 years old Tanvir Singh from Luidhiana, Punjab. Tanvir sang coach Mika’s own composition ‘Sawan Main Lag Gayi Aag’. Coach Mika hit the buzzer first, followed by coach Shaan. Coaches HR and Sunidhi did not hit the buzzer. Coach Mika said that he had composed the song in 1998 with the aim of becoming a music director. Tanvir chose to be in coach Mika’s team. Host Karan spoke to Tanvir and his father back stage. During the blind auditions phase, we really do not seem to be seeing much of host Karan! Hope this will change as the show progresses.

Manisha - Team Mika

Manisha – Team Mika

The fourth contestant was Manisha Chakraborty who is from Kolkata. Manisha is 27 years old and has previously worked within the Marketing and Advertising industry. Manisha sang ‘Darling’ from Saath Khoon Maaf. Coach Shaan was clearly not trusting his judgements in this episode and coach HR tried his best to prompt him to hit the buzzer but to no avail (!). Coach Mika hit the buzzer first and after much deliberation was followed by coach Shaan. Coaches HR and Sunidhi did not hit the buzzer. The coaches said that she had a fantastic voice quality but this time the competition was between coaches Mika and Shaan. Manisha initially wanted to go in Shaan’s team (!) but in the end, she chose Mika! This was a truly hilarious moment as coaches HR and Sunidhi loved Shaan’s reactions as he lost out to Mika once again!

The fifth contestant was Ritu Agarwal, 20 years old from Ghaziabad. Ritu started singing when she was three years old and she is known as the girl with the guitar! Ritu sang the retro classic ‘Main Kahan Phassi’. Coach Shaan was the first to hit the buzzer and for the third time was followed by coach Mika! After much deliberations and comic confusions, Ritu made the right choice and chose to be in Team Shaan!

The sixth contestant was Atul Kumar Dwivedi. Atul is a huge fan of Kumar Sanu and he opened his performance with ‘Saanson Ki Zaroorat’ from Aashiqui and then he also sang ‘Dard Karara’ from Dum Laga Ke Haisha. None of the coaches hit the buzzer! It was then really funny as coach Shaan correctly guessed that Atul is a fan of Kumar Sanu. Coach HR sang his song (which is sung by Kumar Sanu) ‘Oodhli Chunariya’ from Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. Then Atul sang coach HR’s composition ‘Sanam Mere Humraaz’ in full Kumar Sanu style accompanied by HR and Shaan, it was too funny!

Parth - Team Sunidhi

Parth – Team Sunidhi

The seventh and final contestant of the evening was Parth Doshi from Ahmedabad. Parth sang a song called ‘Kaun Mera’. Coach HR was the first to hit the buzzer followed by coaches Sunidhi, Mika and Shaan. After a lot of coaxing, Parth chose to be in team Sunidhi!

Sunday’s episode opened with an insight into the forthcoming contestants and the coaches expectations. Host Karan took an autograph from all the contestants as he felt they are all future superstars! The first contestant of the evening was Parampara Thakur. Parampara has previously lent backing vocals to the popular indi pop band Euphoria, and she is currently a music teacher. Parampara sang ‘Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba’. Coach Shaan hit the buzzer first, followed by coach Mika. Parampara chose coach Mika as she felt he would help her to overcome her moments of anxiety when performing on stage. Coaches HR and Sunidhi did not hit the buzzer this time.

The second contestant was Rohan Pathak. Rohan is 20 years old and is from Bhopal. He sang ‘Dil Haara Re’ from Tashan. Coach HR was the first and the only coach to hit the buzzer! Coach HR then felt that he had to explain why he hit the buzzer and so he requested Rohan to sing a few lines of ‘Teri Meri’ from Bodyguard. Coaches Mika and Sunidhi were in full support of coach HR’s decision after they heard Rohan sing Teri Meri! This round ended with some comical singing from the coaches!

The third contestant was Pawandeep Rajan. Pawandeep is a member of the band ‘Raeth’ who have given music to the Bollywood horror film 3am. Pawandeep sang ‘Ye Tune Kya Kiya’ from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara. Coaches Shaan and Mika were the first to hit the buzzer. Coaches Sunidhi and HR did not hit the buzzer. After much deliberations and our favourite coach HRs infamous countdown, Pawandeep chose to be in team Shaan. Coach Shaan was so happy that he actually lifted Pawandeep!

Sam - Team Mika

Sam – Team Mika

The fourth contestant was Premnath Kotwal from Pune. Premnath sang ‘Mann Mast Magan’ from 2 States. Coach Sunidhi was the only one to hit the buzzer. Premnath naturally went into team Sunidhi. The fifth contestant was Jyotika Tangri from Jalandhar, Punjab. Jyotika sang ‘Jugni’ from Tanu Weds Manu. The audience were told that Jyotika can sing in 21 languages! Mika was the first to hit the buzzer followed very swiftly by coaches HR, Sunidhi and Shaan. This meant all four coaches had to compete to have Jyotika in their team. All four came on stage to dance and encourage Jyotika as she finished her performance. After much pleading (!) Jyotika chose to be in team Mika!

The sixth contestant was Sam Chandel. Sam is 23 years old and from New Delhi. He sang ‘Itni Si Hassi’ from Barfi. The audience were told that his biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, none of the coaches hit the buzzer. Coach HR said that he felt something wasn’t right during this performance. Coach Mika gave Sam a pair of his sunglasses and Sam performed the title track of Bang Bang. Coach Mika was dancing and coaches Shaan and Sunidhi also danced together.

The last and final contestant of this week, was 16 year old Sakshi Chauhan. Sakshi sang ‘Adhuri Si Baat Baaki Hai’ and impressed all four coaches with her natural innocence. Sakshi said that the day before in her dream, coach HR had appeared and therefore she would like to go in team Himesh. Needless to say, coach HR was extremely happy with Sakshi’s decision!

That’s it for the update of week number two of The Voice India. Watch The Voice India every Saturday and Sunday 9pm only on &TV and stay with BollySpice for all the updates on your favourite musical reality show!

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