The Voice India: Week 3 Blind Auditions

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15jun_TheVoiceIndiaAuditionsWk3-01Saturday’s episode of The Voice India, opened with a quick re-cap of the first two weeks of the show and a precap of this weekends show. The focus then shifted to the coaches who gave a comic breaking news update that coach Sunidhi had coach Mika’s sunglasses! I really do love watching the hilarious comic moments between the Fabulous Four!

The first contestant to perform of week three, was Snigdhajit Bhowmik who is 25 years old from Kolkata, West Bengal. Snighdajit performed ‘Dhan Te Nan’ from Kaminey. Coach Mika was the first to hit the buzzer followed by coaches Shaan, Sunidhi and HR. All four coaches praised Snighdajit’s performance and then started their comic requests for him to join their team. Coach HR even sang a popular Bengali phrase as Snighdajit is Bengali! After much cajoling, Snighdajit chose to be in team Shaan.

The second contestant was Garima Khiste. Garima is 28 years old and is from Vadodara, Gujarat. Garima sang ‘Ek Tara’ from Wake up Sid and this time round, only coach Sunidhi buzzed for Garima! The other three coaches did not buzz at all and so Garima became a part of team Sunidhi. The third contestant was Saurav Sharma who is 26 years old from Gwalior, MP. Saurav sang ‘Kyun Kisi Ko’ from Tere Naam. This song, incidentally has been composed by coach HR. Coach Shaan was the first and only coach to hit the buzzer and so Saurav became a part of team Shaan.

15jun_TheVoiceIndiaAuditionsWk3-03The fourth contestant was Akash Ojha. Akash is 24 years old and is from Kanpur, UP. Akash sang Bang Bang title track. Coach Shaan was the first and only coach who hit the buzzer for Akash. Coach HR said that while he did not feel Akash’s live singing was up to the mark, he would give him a chance for playback singing. Akash was very happy that coach HR would give him a break and was also happy to be in team Shaan. The fifth contestant was Aamir Khan who is 23 years old from Rajasthan. Aamir performed a song called ‘Ab Jaoon Kahan’. Unfortunately, none of the coaches hit the buzzer this time. Aamir had said that he wishes to be in team Himesh as he knew that Himesh has helped many singers flourish in their careers. The coaches felt that Aamir was not consistent in his performance. After his performance, coach Shaan realised that he has lost his famous ‘heart cushion’ (which he uses to cajole contestants to come into his team!) and next transpired a hilarious sequence between the four coaches and ended with coach HR singing ‘Mujhe Neend Na Aaye…’ as coach Shaan then realised it was coach Mika who knicked the cushion!

The sixth contestant was Shrinidhi Ghatate. Shrinidhi is 18 years old and is from Nagpur. She has already made her presence felt online as she has released a popular song cover on YouTube. Shrinidhi sang the retro classic ‘Raat Akeli Hain’. All four coaches buzzed for Shrinidhi and after many persuasions, Shrinidhi chose to be in team Sunidhi. The seventh contestant was Sanjeet Thomas who is from Jammu and Kashmir. Sanjeet sang the folk song ‘Kesariya Balam’. Unfortunately none of the coaches buzzed for Sanjeet! Coach Sunidhi said that she felt that he was missing ‘rooh’ (feeling) from his singing.

15jun_TheVoiceIndiaAuditionsWk3-04The eighth contestant was Anish Matthew. Anish sang ‘Sakoon Mila’ from Mary Kom. Coach HR was the first to buzz, followed very closely by coach Mika. Coaches Shaan and Sunidhi did not buzz this time. The competition for Anish was between coaches HR and Mika and Anish chose to be in team Himesh! This made coach HR very happy who gave the audience his ‘Dhina Dhin Dha!’ moment!

Sunday’s episode opened with a recap of all the contestants so far. The ‘Fabulous Four’ entered sing ‘Desi Beats’ from Bodyguard and also coach HR’s ‘Chalao Na Naino Se’ from Bol Bachchan. We were then shown a precap of the upcoming contestants.

The first contestant was Abhik Ghosh who is 24 years old from Kolkata. Abhik sang ‘Mujhe Raat Din’. Coach Mika was the first and the only one to buzz for Abhik. Abhik naturally went into team Mika. The second contestant was Jaysinh Gadhavi. Jaysinh is 21 and is from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Jaysinh sang ‘Ishq Sufiana’ from The Dirty Picture. Coach HR was the first and only one to buzz for Jaysinh!

The third contestant was Mona Bhatt. Mona sang the popular ‘Sun Raha Hai’ from Aashiqui 2. Coach HR was the first to buzz followed by coaches Mika and Shaan. Coach Sunidhi did not buzz this time. The competition between the three coaches was really funny and resulted in coaches Mika and HR singing their hit songs to impress Mona. After coach HR’s infamous ocuntdown, in the end, Mona chose to be in team Himesh! The fourth contestant was Sai Bisoi. Sai is 17 years old and is from Orissa. Sai sang ‘Lagan Lagi’ from Tere Naam. Coaches Shaan and Mika were the only ones to buzz. Sai chose to be in team Shaan.

15jun_TheVoiceIndiaAuditionsWk3-10The fifth contestant was Shyam Ghediya who is from Vadodara, Gujarat. Shyam sang ‘Aaoge Jab Tum’ from Jab We Met. Unfortunately, the coaches did not buzz for Shyam this time. We were then treated to some more masti from the coaches as Sunidhi broke her buzzer!! The sixth contestant was Meet Jain who is 24 years old and is from Ahmedabad. Meet sang ‘O Re Piya’ from Aaja Nachle. All four coaches buzzed for Meet! Naturally all four coaches did their best to compete for Meet, but in the end, Meet chose to be in team Shaan. The seventh contestant was Oishwaryaa Chatui. Oishwaryaa is from Kolkata. She sang ‘Kahe Ched Mohe’ from Devdas. Coach Sunidhi was the first and only coach to buzz for Oishwaryaa!

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