“There is Another Character In Tezz,” says Director Priyadarshan

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Coming up on April 27th is director Priyadarshan’s action packed Tezz. Now this action thriller has an all-star cast that includes Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Sameera Reddy and Zayed Khan, however, we hear there is one other big player in how the action unfolds. No, it is not a surprise special guest, but it is a surprise. Producer Ratan Jain revealed that apart from the actors the main Character of the film is the train. “The train sequence is the catalyst in the film and all action revolves around it.”

“We had to shoot a long distance train sequence in the film and it was not possible in India. We had to do it abroad and it had to have an Asian feel too. We did not have many options it was to be either shot in London or in South Africa. We finally shot in London as we had the facilities there and the story happens in London completely. They also take a lot of safety precautions. They know how to shoot these particular scenes,” says Jain.

Director Priyadarshan explains, “The actual action is not happening on the train itself, but is centered on it. We need this long shot and that was possible in London as they are technically efficient. Secondly if you need to shoot on a street or a highway or a train they lock that particular place for the shooting hours and a lot of precautionary measures are taken. The visuals and technical perfection is far better than any Hollywood film.”

Ajay Devgn adds further, “Tezz is the most beautifully shot film. Even the train sequences have been shot very well. When Priyadarshan makes you perform his action is real, the performances are real.”

You can check out some of those incredible train shots here in the title song promo!

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