This Love Story Won’t Last Until 2050

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The Bollywood rumour mill is working on overtime with the suggestion the Priyanka and Harman are about to split. It’s suggested that Priyanka was none too happy with the way a potentially breathtaking concept film was allowed to crash and Harman was not too happy with some of the lukewarm comments Priyanka recently made in interviews with regard to the film.

Harman’s father, Harry, is said to have been against the union from the start but Harman was completely smitten by Priyanka — who wouldn’t be? It appears that it was Priyanka who brought an end to what was already becoming a strained relationship. It is said that she has been hanging up on Harman every time he called to try to patch it up. Some guys find it hard to take a hint.

“This was perhaps inevitable. After Love Story’s dismal showing at the box office, the relationship, which was already on shaky grounds, received what we’d say was the last nail on the coffin,” reported a source close to the couple.

Priyanka who is currently shooting for Fashion apparently received a call from Harman, who is in Rajasthan. “This happened sometime around Wednesday, when Harman called up Priyanka to try and talk things over.” After putting the phone down, Priyanka is said to have commented, “It’s all over.”

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