Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

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After a string of flops, Yash Raj Films is set for the release of their next flick titled Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. The question heading into people’s minds is if it created magic or not? Well, ‘thoda thoda’. While there was no hype and no buzz surrounding the film, it manages to create an impact amongst its audiences. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is a fun film with a message. After Taare Zameen Par, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic has a subject that can relate to children. The film is basically a family film with a little masala and lazy moments added in while the rest remains fun and children oriented.

The film has no twists and even though it’s predictable, it’s still watchable and enjoyable! Most of the audiences, who have no expectations from the film will be highly impressed especially after YRF have delivered a number of flops recently. The audience no longer tagged it as the best production company of India but this film will reverse their thoughts!

It is a story about children who lose their parents in an accident, and the person responsible for their parent’s death is none other than Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan), an industrialist who has lost everyone he ever loved. He is ordered by the judge to take full responsibility regarding the children. Ranbeer and his sexy girlfriend, Mallaika (Amisha Patel), welcome the kids with open arms but the four kids, Vashisht (Akshat Chopra), Aditi (Shriya Sharma), Iqbal (Rachit Sidana) and Avantika (Ayushi Berman), hate Ranbeer and want to take serious revenge on him… until an angel called Geeta (Rani Mukerji) arrives to the rescue in a mission to get the kids and Ranbeer together. She cycles down a rainbow and arrives on earth as a self-proclaimed nanny.

And then starts a roller coaster ride of fun, emotions, magic and love. An angel who doesn’t know what love is. A man who always lost love. Four orphans who need love.

Kunal Kohli has done an excellent job as a director. After Hum Tum and Fanaa, he continues delivering good films. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is an enjoyable film for the whole family with the exception of ‘Lazy Lamhe’. Although the song is good, it seems out of place in a family film. The way Saif gets attached to the kids slowly and transforms from their enemy to their friend is presented perfectly. Rishi Kapoor’s role could have been dubbed without him being shown as God, it would’ve been better that way. Amisha’s courtroom scenes are hilarious. The children’s pranks on Saif are funny as well. The minus point of the film is that the plot is too predictable and the climax is somewhat cheesy.

The music of the film by trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has not created much impact apart from ‘Lazy Lamhe’. The picturisation and special effects of ‘Bulbula’ and ‘Beetey Kal Se’ stand out while ‘Lazy Lamhe’ stands out in choreography and sensuousness. ‘Pyaar Ke Liye’ appears in parts rather than a full song. The special effects are top-notch. Cinematography is terrific.

Saif Ali Khan is excellent, he excels in a role he hasn’t done before. Whether it’s Race or Omkara, he keeps on getting better and continues his versatility as an actor.

Rani Mukerji is likeable and very convincing as an angel. With this role, she will prove her detractors wrong and show that she can do much more than emotional roles that involve loads of crying. She looks ravishing as an angel and cute when she comes down to earth; her introduction is well done thanks to the special effects.

Rishi Kapoor, as God, is first-rate. Amisha Patel is remarkable in a Paris Hilton type of role. She looks sexy in ‘Lazy Lamhe’ and stunning throughout the film.

But the real show-stealers of the film are the kids; they are phenomenal. Thumbs up for Kunal Kohli for bringing out the best of the children, they all get equal scope to perform. Akshat Chopra is superb. Shriya Sharma is fantastic. Rachit Sidana is good. Ayushi Berman is adorable. The supporting cast that includes Sharat Saxena, Razzak Khan and Taranna are good.

Overall, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is a good time-pass film! It has the ingredients of entertainment and masala in it. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic has created Zyada Pyaar Zyada Magic! It will definitely click at the box office though it may not open too well. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is for the child in you! Go for it with your kids!

Our Rating

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