To be or not to be? Hrithik confirmed not to play Hamlet after all!

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There has been a change of plans and a change of character for Hrithik Roshan. Previously the news was that Hrithik is set to play Hamlet in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s upcoming production. However, it has now been confirmed that Hrithik will not be playing Hamlet but will be donning an Uttar Pradesh accent for another film Dhulia is directing. According to Daily Bhaskar, Dhulia revealed: “Hrithik and I are doing a film together. It will start in June 2013. But it is not ‘Hamlet’ as reported in the press. We are doing something else together.” This film will be set in North India and is based on a semi-rural fable of violence and drama.

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest play with just over 4,000 lines and tells the tale of tragic prince Hamlet, who seeks revenge for his father’s murder. It has been adapted in over fifty television and film productions – in fact, Disney’s popular Lion King is based on this Shakespearian play. The character of melancholic prince Hamlet has been played by actors such as Kenneth Branagh and Mel Gibson. This was not the first time plans were made to cast Hrithik as Hamlet. Tarsem Singh had planned a production where Hrithik was to be Hamlet back in 2001. However, the project did not happen. It seems that Hrithik and Hamlet are just not meant to be.

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