Toonpur Ka Superhero: Ajay and Kajol Goes Animated!

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Bollywood has tried and tried to create their niche in the animated film segment. Unfortunately, we never seem to get it right. While the characters are often loved ala Bal Ganesh and Bal Hanuman, the animation is always frowned upon simply because they don’t seem to compare to the West where animated films are top notch in their making. So along comes ace Indian Animator Kiran Khurana who has won numerous awards for his work in animation in over 12 years and quickly decides the situation into his hands. In an effort to help the Indian animation film market, Khurana’s upcoming film, Toonpur Ka Superhero, will be India’s first 3D animation combination feature film. This means the worlds of real life and animation will mix and collide to create a one of a kind film.

Toonpur Ka Superhero stars Ajay Devgn and Kajol, who play a married couple. However, despite all his successes on the big screen, his children want him to be a superhero. In attempts to become a hero in the eyes of his children, Aditya played by Devgn, finds himself on a cartoon show where he must help the Devtoons fight the Toonasaurs – the enemies. With music by Anu Malik, the film has been delayed repeatedly but is expected to finally release this December just in time for Christmas.

Not only will this animated film bring together favorites of the industry, Ajay Devgn and Kajol, but will feature a number of popular stars from the industry who will be lending their voices to the animated characters. During the music launch of the film, director Kiran Khurana spoke at length about the film. “Toonpur Ka Superhero is a cute and endearing animation film with Ajay Devgan and Kajol caught up in the war of the toons! A loving father and family man who is a reel life hero and who accidentally lands in the world of cartoons and becomes a real life hero!”he explained.

Naturally, the film is not just intended for children but meant to attract audiences of all ages. The promos of the film has already generated quite a lot of buzz and is expected to do well in the Indian circuit especially since the release date has been moved closer to the festive season. Toonpur Ka Superhero is gearing up to set the stage for animated films in India. The film releases December 17th, 2010.

If you haven’t see it yet, check out the trailer!

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