Toonpur Ka Superrhero

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Toonpur Ka Superrhero is very unique in concept and story, the first of its kind in India to combine live action and animation. Starring Ajay Devgn and Kajol, the story follows film superstar Aditya (Ajay Devgan) and his wife Priya (Kajol). He is a “reel hero”, but in real life not so much, which is a disappointment to their two children. In an interesting cimematographic twist, Aditya ends up in Toonpur, the land of his children’s favourite cartoons. While there he has to fight Toonasurs (bad toons) to save the Devtoons (good toons). We will see who wins on December 24th, when the film opens in theaters. Esteemed music director Anu Malik has composed the tunes for the toons. It must have been a challenging project, so did Mr. Malik along with the singers and musician hit the right notes? Let’s see…

Since this is for a film set partially in an animated world you have to expect that there will be some cartoon-like vocals, and this song is a mix of animation voice characterizations and singers. Let’s Go To Toonpur starts with a very 80s synth beat that continues through the entire track as the underlying beat. A peppy song, it seems to have just the right amount of fun and a light touch that matches perfectly to an animated film. The fab and thumpin’; back beat gives a great basis and some depth as well. It got my shoulders a dancin’ while listening to it. Love the ‘tunak tunak’ stanzas, one of my favorite parts. The refrain is very infectious and will most definitely go through your head. Singers Veronica, Mumzy, H’Dhani and Anu Malik sing with a zesty energy, without going too far, and sound great. Looking forward to seeing what is happening on screen during this song. ‘Tunak Tunak toom toom’…There is also a remix version, which is fine too. It has the requisite speeding up but just a bit and more synth. It is still good, if a little bland and feeling of repetition.

Nach Mere Naal begins with the cartoony vocals once again but a bit screechier. However, it moves into a total dance groove with vocals by Master Salim, Mumzy, and Alisha Chinoy. Once again Anu Malik composes a backbeat with an Indian flavor that has that hip-hop underlying vibe in some parts of the song. I think the music needed something… something with a bit more depth, maybe some strong bass riffs or bass drums. I loved the vocals and inflections on this one, especially on the Hindlish stanza, but the singing and the music fought each other and it got to be a bit of a mess. It even made me turn it down, which is never a good thing. We will have to wait until the scenes in Toonpur to see if it matches, but for now I say hold off. The remix version also has too many sounds. Nothing seems to meld and with the addition of the dance backbeat it just does not work. Skip this one.

From the first look of the Jeetoge Tum promo, which blew me away, I have been waiting to hear this whole song. It begins with a lovely solo woodwind and then grows and grows in music, in singing, in lyrics and in strength. It is very much an off to battle song for our “Superrhero”. On vocals you have the outstanding Roop Kumar Rathod, and Javed Ali, who are perfect. There is so much feeling and inspiration in the delivery of the lyrics; the track slowly builds in power and orchestration and is so good! Probably not one you are going to blast as you dance, but it is gorgeous. Once seen in the context of the film and with Ajay riding his “noble” steed to battle, I think you will love it all the more. I can’t wait to see what is happening on the big screen with this inspiring track playing.

Very much a situational track, Rubdoot mostly is dialogue between Ajay Devgn and Sudesh Bhosle. It all has to do with Rubdoot, who is the son in law of Yamdoot (messenger of death). Emotions run high when “Superrhero” of Toonpur comes to meet Rubdoot, who is a big fan. What happens next is autographs, Toonastras, a discussion, a trade, Bollywood with a bit of SRK, Hrithik and Dilip Kumar thrown in and more. I guess we will have to wait until the movie to get the full story. The number has a very dramatic background score that has a spooky feel to it. There are some musical sections with strong orchestrations. Then there are other sections very Indian in feel and beat sung by Sonu Nigaam and Altaf Raja. This one so needs the visuals that it is hard to rate. However, it makes me want to see the film, so that has to be a good thing!

Totally love the beginning of Baliye with THE jammin’ Hard Kaur who kills it, of course. Shaan is also is a very strong presence on the track but he needed a bit rougher inflection I think in parts to match Hard Kaur. The music is a mix of Punjabi beats, hip-hop and electronica, but unfortunately it misses completely. Again the composer has way too much going on musically, and it does not have the deeper layers, so it all seems wrong. It needs that bass and lower registers to match Hard Kaur’s flow. It is a shame because I really like the vocals on this, but not the music at all. Maybe in the film there is some crazy antics going on and the fast, mess of music will seem okay, but I am skeptical. Listen once to hear Hard Kaur and Shaan then wait ’til the film!

I really like ‘Lets Go To Toonpur’ and ‘Jeetoge Tum’, and in every song the vocals were the highlight, but the album lost a lot with the jumble of music he composed. In the end, this is a very hard album to rate – one, because many of the tracks are completely situational and two, it is an animation film. In the end I think he conceived the ideas well but my final verdict was based on rating the music (a bit of a mess) and singers (all great). Will it work in context of the film? I imagine so; we will have to wait and watch.

Our Rating

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