Top 10 Actresses of 2007

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Note: The slide number is NOT the ranking. The ranking is next to the name of the actress.

While some believe that 2007 was a depressing year for Bollywood; we assert to the contrary. Taking a look at the graph of the year gone by, it’s impossible to miss the fact that several hyped large-scale productions slipped and fell while more modest films received adulation and praise. In the same vein, 2007 was a year where many of our supposed leading actresses were shoved in the backseat as well-deserving talent was finally given a platform to prove themselves. In making this list, BollySpice has taken both performance and box office into account while giving the former more prominence.

Acting is the art of the soul — and these few have proven to be the most mastered at their craft this year.

10. Katrina Kaif

If numbers are anything to go by, Katrina Kaif has more than just Salman Khan to smile about. We can now safely say that she has held her own and broken free from her image of “Salman’s girlfriend” as she gave a notable performance this year and proved she could work wonders at the box office as well. Though she had back-to-back hits, in many of her films she had a miniscule role hence the number ten spot as opposed to a higher ranking. In Apne, Partner and Welcome she batted her eyelashes while all three worked at the box office and showed us that glamour is almost her middle name. However, it was earlier in the year in Namastey London where we finally witnessed some great potential from this stunner. She held her own against Akshay Kumar and embodied her role better than ever. In the future, we’d like to see her taking on more lead roles and exhibiting newer facets to her talent.

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