Top 10 Actresses of 2008

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At the end of every year, it’s strange to look back and see how the tide has turned. Actresses that were once at the top of their game have fallen down several notches while a fresh batch of promising newcomers has graced the industry. It’s been an extremely difficult cast to narrow down the best actresses of the year, because although there were several extraordinary performances from Bollywood’s female brigade, it wasn’t particularly the best year. In fact, you will notice that several actresses that usually find a spot on this list have taken a bow and missed the mark. Keep in mind that we have not included newcomers in this list and have instead featured them in their own countdown (see Top 10 Newcomers of 2008). In this compilation, we have taken into account solely an actress’ performances this year—not the box office! Join us as we take a look at actresses that left us stunned as the credits began to role and beyond!

10. Amrita Rao (Welcome to Sajjanpur)

She may not have had the most exciting year in terms of big budget flicks, but this year Amrita Rao has proven that she can do justice to just about any role. In Shyam Benegal’s Welcome to Sajjanpur, Amrita took a complex role of a village belle in this satirical comedy and effortlessly charmed viewers. Clearly, this actress isn’t just “the girl-next-door”—she is supremely talented and if given the opportunity can carry off a range of emotions. Each year she continues to solidify her position in the industry, and at such a young age she has accomplished quite a few great performances. Expect big things from her in the future!

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