Top 10 Bigg Boss 2 Moments

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The show may be over but there is definitely some Bigg Boss 2 hangover for fans of the show and we understand why. This year, Bigg Boss invited a whole array of personalities: actors, item girls, reality show winners, politicians, an ex-miss world, and an international big brother contestant. (Phew!) The show started with a bang and continued to create waves with controversy and lots of drama. It also grabbed a spectrum of viewers from the world over who had mixed emotions when the show ended. We realize how much you all miss the BBB2 (Bigg Boss Bunch 2) and so to relive some of those moments, BollySpice has put together the ten best of the best moments from the Bigg Boss house. We know you have your favorites, and here are ours!

1. The Wall Jumping

Everyone watched in shock as the finalists, including the usually complacent Zulfi Syed, actually gathered up the courage to jump the wall. However, understandably being locked up in a house for over 90 days and desperation will make you pull such stunts. Add to that, the boys had voted out all the girls and had no one to cook for them. All they really wanted was a hot meal! They were stopped by security and sent back into the house. Publicity stunt? Apparently not but it’s only Bigg Boss who knows…

2. Rahul Mahajan’s exit

So like we mentioned, the final four decided to jump the wall and then they were asked to apologize for their childish act. Zulfi, Raja and Ashu succumbed to Bigg Boss’ command however, king of the house, Rahul Mahajan, had no intention of budging. In his opinion, he didn’t feel he didn’t do anything wrong and so did not want to say sorry. He was then told to vacate the house, which caused tears and anger (typical BB style) followed by the reasoning behind his decision to leave: “Charity begins at home and Ashutosh needs this money, so I left for him.” Erm…great save Rahul. Question is, did the viewers buy it?

3. Failing Tasks

Unlike last year’s crew who made sure they managed to succeed in almost all their tasks, this year the group managed to pull off only a handful. We heard the reasons from all of them –“Too hard” and “Not possible,” were just some of the explanations. From making diyas to ensuring that a tank of water stayed full, the tasks were either left or never completed. Considering that the crew complained nonstop about being bored, it really is a mystery as to why they never managed to complete any of the tasks. However, it managed to create some humorous moments for us and we’ll take that!!

4. Raja’s English

He definitely has no understanding of the English language and honestly we would have preferred it if he spoke in Hindi instead of making a mockery of himself. However, it did manage to give us some of the most hilarious instances in the house. Everyone remembers his famous “For the sake of the haven,” which became an immediate hit with his fans. It was shock to the audiences, who initially thought of the quiet Raja as a loner, to suddenly open up (and how) and then utter such rot! All said and done, we do have a recommendation to Raja: take an English speaking class!

5. Rahul and Raja fighting over Payal

The quiet and yet sexy Payal was definitely the most popular girl in the house. When she was nominated, she dropped the good girl act and turned back on the item-girl look with her skimpy shorts and massage demands. If that wasn’t enough, she has Rahul and Raja vying for attention. It was obvious Raja was simply out to annoy and aggravate Rahul and Payal played the flirtatious part extremely well. What resulted was some spicy moments between Raja and Payal (Remember the “I love you,” he declared on national TV), and Rahul to feel insecure.

6. Sambhavna and Raja’s fight

It all happened over a kabadi match, which then erupted because Sambhavna was hurt during the game. What happened next was foul language and a possible fist fight. The duo were separated, and Sambhavna took her drama to Bigg Boss. She cried and howled her heart and eyes out before she headed to her bed for a few days. However, the fight cause an unusual discomfort between the rest of the house as her cries and his screams clearly frightened the other “cast” members. Drama was clearly another member of this house and this event was one of the highlights!

7. Ravi Kissen’s entry

Ravi Kissen, the 1st runner up of Bigg Boss season 1 entered the house just two days before the jumbo finale. It was a pleasant surprise for all the viewers and contestants to see him in the house again. He shared his own experiences of Bigg Boss with the three finalists and then left the house on the morning of the finale.

8. Special guests in the house

Bigg Boss’ house was full of surprises and we witnessed many surprises guests showing up at the house. This included Bollywood actor, Abhishek Bachchan, followed by a Labrador pup Kut, who became rather popular. Third on the surprise list was contestant Alina Wadiwala’s twin sister Sana Wadiwala. The fourth surprise entry in the house was Jumbo the elephant which made way for Bollywood’s uncrowned king Akshay Kumar, who graced the ‘Jumbo Finale’ of the show with his presence. He was also there to promote his latest animated movie Jumbo which is about an elephant – Ah! Now it all makes sense!

9. Bigg Boss’ funny antics

The show had lots of funny elements too. For starters, Diana Hayden was punished by Bigg Boss for not wearing her mic and was asked to apologize 600 times. Naughty Bigg Boss also assigned secret tasks to the contestants. Ehsaan Qureshi, was given a camera and he’d to click pictures of all the contestants without their knowledge, while lazy Ashu was awarded with a punishment to sleep all day! Bigg Boss too needed a laugh and added the humor factor into the show which helped the ratings race sky high!

10. Payal and Sambhavana’s re-entrance

To create more drama in the house, Bigg Boss called back Payal and Sambhavana into his house. Their entry stunned the contestants and everyone became very insecure. While Payal came in and gave Rahul an earful, Sambhavna came and created a riot. Her vile behavior caused another fight in the house between Raja and her so much so that Bigg Boss told her, “Sambhavna, stop it!”

So there you have it Bigg Boss fans, our top 10 best moments! We know there are perhaps a dozen or so more amazing hilarious moments but we figured those are best left to the re-runs!

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