Top 10 Dances of 2008

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Many a times, Hindi movies make you laugh and cry simultaneously, work as a vent to let out anger. make you “aw” at romantic scenes and “ew” at sleazy ones, and lastly, make you sing and dance to their musical tunes. In fact, the “singing and dancing” has become a trademark in Bollywood, and no Hindi movie is complete without it. The first Hindi movie which featured the song and dance sequence was Ardeshir Irani’s Alam Ara in 1931 and of course, it was a blockbuster hit. BollySpice now takes you back in time over the past year as we count down the Top Ten Best Dances. So in pure Bwood style, get ready to “Boogie Woogie Dance-Dance” and “Nach All Night!”

10. Khwab Dekhe – Race

The song was actually a late addition to the Race soundtrack but managed to generate waves on the charts. Audiences were treated to a svelte Katrina Kaif and hunky Saif Ali Khan dancing under the hot sun and then later soaking in the rain, only to create some serious dhamaka. The duo created magic firstly, because of the unique choreography and secondly, watching the new pair dance was really a breath of fresh air! Dancing on a rock star stage with huge speakers in the background only helped to make the dance rock!

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