Top 10 Item Stars of 2007

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Item numbers; they can be one of the highlights of a Bollywood film and for many are a USP (unique selling point). When people think of item numbers they think of a sexy girl dancing to a garam gana (hot song), usually a well-known star making a special appearance. Through the years there have been some standout item numbers and this year had some sizzling ones as well. However, it was not a big year for the classic item song, so we thought we would think out of the box and expand the definition of item number. This year we also thought we would focus on the item stars that made these numbers memorable. Here are our picks for the top ten item stars of 2007.

10. Payal Rohatgi

Besides being an actress, Payal Rohatgi is also known as an item girl, and last year appeared in ‘O Sikandar’ in Corporate. This year she performed in ‘Dil Liya Dil Liya’ (Dhol), and, while being the most sedate number on our list, it has all the requisite parts needed for an item number. Payal looking great in a slinky black dress as she “sang” at a nightclub to a fabulous song, one of the best songs on our list. It does not have much in the way of choreography, but it is a very appealing and intriguing picturization. Like our next entry, a bit dark and a bit different but still an eye catcher.

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