Top 10 Movies of 2008

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Though many seem to believe that the year gone by was not a particularly extraordinary year for Indian cinema, we beg to differ. Granted, there may not have been as many out-and-out masala potboilers as usual, but this year several smaller budget films managed to solidify their place in the industry. 2008 has only reaffirmed beliefs that audiences are ready for something different, with several lesser-known films being appreciated by audiences all around the world. This year’s list was quite difficult to combine because of the simple fact that there have been several triumphs over the course of the year. We have decided to disregard box office performance and simply rank these films according to their quality solely as a film (for box office performance, see Top 10 Grossers of 2008). As a team, we have compiled our list of the ten most superior films of 2008, which could very well differ from yours or someone else’s. For this reason, we ask you to read on with discretion, because different films touch different people in different ways—that’s why cinema is such a powerful medium!

10. Mithya

It’s time we stop underestimating the team of Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor and Ranvir Shorey, who have repeatedly surprised audiences with excellent films. Mithya is no exception and is perhaps the best performance of Ranvir Shorey’s admirable career. The great thing about this film is that as soon as you think you have figured it all out, another layer emerges in the story that makes you truly realize what an excellent work of art it really is. The entire cast is simply stellar, and the delicacy with which director Rajat Kapoor has handled the film shows in each and every frame. Here’s a dark comedy if there ever was one!

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