Top 10 Movies That Should Be Remade

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We are starting a monthly listing where we decide the top 10 Bollywood movies that should/should not be remade, top 10 Bollywood movies that should/should not have sequels, and top 10 Hollywood movies that should/should not be made in Bollywood. Our inaugural listing will consist of the top 10 Bollywood movies that should be remade. There have been lots of classic Bollywood movies that I’m sure people would love to see on screen again. We are going to tell you what are the ten best Bollywood classics that we would love to witness on screen again.

Well remakes seem to be the thing to do in Bollywood at the moment. We already have Don and Umrao Jaan that have hit the screens. There are many more that are in discussion or already have been announced. Remember that we are not here to tell you that if these movies were remade that they would be better or worse than it’s originals. We are here to just tell you the movies we feel would be great if remade because of the joy they brought us while we watched them. Now this is Bollyspice Magazine’s exclusive list of what we (i.e. me) think are the ten movies that should be remade in Bollywood. Keep in mind that I am trying to make a successful remake here so I will be going for big stars and big directors to work in these films. Here we go:

1. Silsila
One of the greatest love stories ever told. There is no doubt in my mind that this film would work right now if it were remade. It is the perfect film for today’s audience. Let’s face it; people in today’s generation have gone soft, compared to the past. This is exactly why the film didn’t work in the past. If this epic film were to be remade for this generation, then it would most likely be the biggest hit of the year. Who better to direct this than the son of the director of the original, Aditya Chopra. He would make his big comeback with this film after his long layoff. A Yashraj Film movie means only one leading man, and that is none other than Shahrukh Khan. He would be the ideal man to take over the role of Amitabh Bachchan, as chocolate heroism is what he is known for. Rekha’s role would go to Kajol. Yes and that brings the audience of Bollyspice to a frenzy as their favorite couple is being brought together because of me. Honestly the things I have to do to keep you people happy. Oh well anyway, then Jaya Bachchan’s role would belong to Rani Mukherjee. Shashi Kapoor’s role would go to Abhishek Bachchan. Sanjeev Kumar’s role would fall into the hands of Ajay Devgan. Now that would make for a very interesting plot as Abhishek dies and leaves his love Rani behind, forcing his brother SRK to marry her. This would leave SRK’s love Kajol, all alone, which would force her to marry Ajay. The SRK-Kajol-Ajay trio is enough to intrigue audiences. Now that sounds like a hit film for this generation to me. If only KANK really was a remake of Silsila, it would have been a dynamite film.

2. Dil Chahtha Hai
One of the coolest and hippest films of all time. Five years since its birth and I’m already calling for the remake. It is such an awesome film that one would love to see it remade over and over again. Who can remake such a masterpiece without ruining it? Well I would love to give it to Farhan Akthar once again, but I cannot have the same director doing the job again. Okay I’m going to catch you people a little off guard here with the choice of director. I’m going with an actor actually. An actor who has said he has interests in directing. An actor who was a part of the original. I am talking about THE man himself, Aamir Khan! It would be so awesome to see Aamir’s debut as a director remaking one of his best films. Now who to replace Aamir with? Once again I would go with Hrithik Roshan. Age has a lot to do with my pick for these roles. The three protagonists in the film were young cool guys and someone like Hrithik fits the bill. It would be similar to his role in Lakshya where he would transform from a goofball to being a serious dude. Akshaye Khanna’s role would be handed down to Kunal Kapoor. I don’t know why, but I can totally see this guy pulling off the quiet and charming guy role. Saif’s role would be given to Shahid Kapoor. He is the perfect choice to be the young lovable guy, who just can’t buy love. As for the ladies, Preity’s role would go to Priyanka Chopra. Sonali Kulkarni’s role would go to Amrita Rao. Dimple Kapadia’s role would be given to Sridevi, who would make her big comeback with this film. I just thought of the perfect way for Aamir to make a successful directorial debut.

3. Shaan
A great action movie that would work wonderfully even today. Directed by Ramesh Sippy, it would only make sense if his son, Rohan Sippy would direct the remake. Rohan Sippy being the director can only mean one leading man – Abhishek Bachchan. Of course he would enact his father’s role. For Shashi Kapoor’s role, I would go with Shiney Ahuja. I think the Abhishek-Shiney combo would be dynamite in this film as they both are capable of enacting in action films. Sunil Dutt’s role would be given to Sanjay Dutt. Yes I am going with nostalgia here. Shatrughan Sinha’s role would go to Anil Kapoor. I’m going with this because Anil is the successor to Shatrughan when it comes to the best moustache in Bollywood. The two female leads would go to Priyanka Chopra in Parveen Babi’s role and Katrina Kaif in the other female lead role. I just feel her and Shiney would make a nice pair. Kulbhushan’s role would be given to Nana Patekar. He would make an awesome villain. With a remake of such a big film and a promising cast, this would be Rohan Sippy’s biggest hit as a director no doubt.

4. Andaz Apna Apna
One of the greatest comedies of all time. Now with comedy being as big as ever in Bollywood, this would be the perfect movie to remake. The director would have to be Priyardarshan as no one handles comedy better than him. Aamir Khan’s role would go to Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan’s role would go to Saif Ali Khan. About ten years back, they made an awesome duo in some films and I’m sure they could recreate the magic in the remake of this classic. Karisma Kapoor’s role would go to her sister Kareena and Raveena’s role would go to Bipasha Basu. I know the two lovely ladies don’t see eye to eye, but things are better now and they would work together. Paresh Rawal’s double role would be done by Boman Irani. He is pretty much another Paresh Rawal, so he would be perfect for the role. Shakti Kapoor’s role would go to Rajpal Yadav. It would be hilarious to watch the little man as Crime Master Gogo. With a team like that, I know the laughs would be non stop and the movie would work in a big way.

5. Mr. India
Here is a film that worked in a huge way when it was made way back in 1987. Just wonder how much bigger it would be if it were to be made in today’s time. With the special effects today, this movie would be bigger and better than the original. After Krrish, I would let Rakesh Roshan direct this and show he has a thing for superhero type films. Well if it’s a Rakesh movie, that means only one hero and that is Hrithik Roshan. He will take place of Mr. Moustache, er, India a.k.a. Anil Kapoor. Sridevi’s role can go to Priyanka Chopra. Amrish Puri’s role would go to Naseeruddin Shah. He would make one bad Mogambo. So what I’m really trying to do here is have Rakesh redeem himself for making Krrish by giving him the same cast to work with. Trust me; had he remade Mr. India rather than make Krrish in general, it would have been a much smarter move, and much more entertaining.

6. Abhimaan
A classic tale of a husband’s jealousy of his wife’s success. A theme like that would work in today’ times as there are many men who are insecure of their wives. A theme like this would be carried out well by Subhash Ghai. He does well with romantic films relating to music. Amitabh Bachchan’s role would go to Shah Rukh Khan. As much as it hurts me to give so many of Big B’s amazing roles to him, I have no choice but to do so because he is miles ahead of all other actors when it comes to pulling off chocolate hero roles. Jaya Bachchan’s role would mark the big comeback of Madhuri Dixit. She would be perfect for this role. Yes I know this sounds similar to Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam with SRK being jealous and Madhuri being his wife, but the two films are totally different. Subhash Ghai in a music related romantic film, Madhuri making her big comeback opposite SRK, a remake of a Bachchan film, it all spells box office magic to me.

7. Mughal-E-Azam
Perhaps the biggest epic in Indian cinema. It would take a lot of hard work to recreate such a movie, but I feel that if handed to the right person, it can be handled well. The first person that comes to my mind is Ashutosh Gowariker. He gave us Lagaan and now preparing Jodha-Akbar, so he knows a thing or two about making epics. Prithviraj Kapoor’s role would go to Amitabh Bachchan. Who else would make a better angry father than the Big B. He would knock the house down with this role. Dilip Kumar’s role would go to Aamir Khan. I feel only he can do justice to such a role from today’s generation of actors. Plus working with Gowariker once again will help also. Madhubala’s role would be given to Aishwarya Rai. If anyone has the look and grace of Madhubala, then it most certainly is Aishwarya. Nobody else can do the role. That is why she is doing Umrao Jaan. A remake of Bollywood’s biggest epic plus Big B/Aamir/Ash/Ash equals a potential blockbuster film that would win all the awards of the year.

8. Khalnayak
Only one way to describe this film – gangsta! One of Baba’s most G roles and it would be a wonder to watch the Khalnayak come back to life. The new director would be Farhan Akhtar. He’s already remade one G movie, why not give him a shot at another one. With his talent, I’m sure he would make a very hip and sleek movie, just like he did with Don. Now Sanjay Dutt can still play this role if you ask me, but I would like to give someone new a chance to be compared to the powerhouse Dutt. The new Khalnayak would be John Abraham. Now I don’t know if he can pull of the role like Sanjay did, but I know that he definitely has the look of a great Khalnayak. Don’t believe me; then watch Dhoom or Zinda. Jackie Shroff’s role would go to Akshaye Khanna. The hard-ass cop role suits him perfectly. Madhuri Dixit’s role would go to Vidya Balan. Why? Only because I’m tired of using the same actresses in every remake. But honestly, I think she would do well in the role. Now this one doesn’t seem as big as my other remakes, but never doubt Farhan Akthar’s abilities. That is exactly why I chose him as the director of this as he can make magic with anything given to him. Still a solid cast and would be able to do well if handled well.

9. Sangam
One of the greatest love stories ever told in Bollywood. Now a movie like this would seem formulaic for today’s generation, but given the right cast and director, it would still be huge because when it’s all said and done, the Indian audience likes nothing better than a good romantic film. Now the dirtector for this one would be Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He would make this movie look beautiful as he does with his romantic movies. Raj Kapoor’s role would go to Shah Rukh Khan. No one can play such a role like this other than SRK. This role has his name written all over it. Yes I have chosen him a lot in these remakes, but he is the country’s biggest star today, so putting him in the movie automatically boosts the chances of a success. Well it’s about to get boosted up a tad bit more. Rajendra Kumar’s role would go to Aamir Khan. Well for those who wanted to see the two Khans together for the first time, well there you go. Aamir can be seen in any type of role, so it is perfectly fine to put him here. Vyjayanthimala’s role would go to Kajol. After Fanaa, everyone would love to see who actually has better on screen chemistry with Kajol. With both men in the movie with the leading lady, we would finally find out. These were three of the biggest stars of the 90s. If they were put in a film together even today, it would work in a massive way. Add SLB as the director, and you’re looking at a runaway success and a classic in the making.

10. Sholay
The mother of Bollywood, simple as that. The movie that defines Bollywood. That is what Sholay is. Now I know this film is already being remade, but with a bunch of errors in casting. I am here to help Ram Gopal Varma fix his choices for the cast. Well Jai and Veeru, would be played by Abhishek Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan respectively. They would be perfect for the roles. Abhishek as the silent but deadly Jai and Saif as the wisecracking Veeru. Basanti would go to Preity Zinta for obvious reasons. She is Basanti in reality so she can sleepwalk through this role. Radha, Jaya Bachchan’s role, would be played by Aishwarya Rai because well Abhishek told me he would like that. His father and mother were in the original, so he would want his soon to be wife and himself to be playing his parents’ roles. Okay jokes aside, I just think the role suits her very well. Thakur would be played by Dharmendra. It would be awesome to see him come back and play a role in this movie. Obviously Gabbar Singh would still be Amitabh Bachchan, as I am excited to see how bad he can be. I am worried with choosing him for the role, but looking at the actors today, there is no one else that can do this role. Bollywood is lacking in villains. Stars are now playing villains, so it is tough to pick out the right person for the role. But yes, in the new Sholay it would be Jai vs. Veeru, as Dharmendra would be pitted against Amitabh. Now with that cast, Ramu could not go wrong. I just created a blockbuster for him. You don’t mess with Sholay, but with that cast and Ramu at the helm, I’ll take my chances.

There you have it. That is BollySpice Magazine’s official list of the top 10 movies that should be remade. Now we know none of these movies have a chance to be remade the way we planned them out, but we thought it would be fun to play make believe in Bollywood. Look out next month as we look at the top 10 movies that should NOT be remade.

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