Top 10 Musical Treats of 2007

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Bollywood would not be Bollywood if it wasn’t for the musical treats we receive every year. 2007 has been a great year for the Hindi music industry. We’ve explored new horizons and discovered new talent and all our musical geniuses can be very proud of their work throughout the year. Bollyspice now marks ten sensational albums that have rocked the charts all year around and will continue to do so for a while!

Note: The list is based on the year the movie was released rather than the year the music was released.

1. Saawariya
Saawariya may not have been the best movie of the year but the album certainly is. Monty Sharma (previously composed for Devdas) returned to the musical scene and delivered a breath taking album. Shail Hada and Prathiv Gohil were the new found talents that are blessed with golden voices. Its always refreshing to hear new voices however Monty also made good use of existing talents of Shaan and Kunal. Each and every song had its own style and appearance. Its not often you get such a perfect album with all tracks as brilliant and magical. Many may say that Saawariya didn’t live up to expectations but Bollyspice certainly can say that the album lived up to its expectations in every way!

2. Jab We Met
Just when you all thought that Pritam had lost his magic the composer returns with a bang! Mauja Mauja became a reigning number on charts and a non-stop request on radios! Sandesh Shandiliya’s guest composition of Nagada also was a huge hit amongst the masses. Jab We Met was a complete package, along with a brilliant movie came as a brilliant soundtrack. It is always a pleasure to hear Shreya’s melodious voice and it went beautifully with the beautiful tune and lyrics of Yeh Ishq Hai. Definetly one of the best albums of 2007 that will be remembered for a long time!

3. Bhool Bhulaiya
Pritam was certainly on a roll this year! The title track of Bhool Bhulaiya was such a blockbuster that on popular demand the reel for the movie had to be altered in order to insert the song in the movie rather than just a promotional video during the credits. Neeraj Sridhar (formally known as Bombay Vikings) is the brand new hit singing sensation! However the title track is not all that was outstanding in the album. Bhool Bhulaiya is the perfect example of how versatile Prittam’s talent really is. Along with a rocking western hip hop number and other melodious numbers was a sensational classical track “Mere Dhona”. A rarity to hear classical Indian music and Prittam certainly reminded everyone that the perfection in music lies in our very own country! Way to go Pritam! We hope to hear nothing less of perfection in 2008.

4. Om Shanti Om
Main Hoon Na was a sensational soundtrack and music lovers expected nothing less from Farah Khan’s second project even if the music director was not the same. However Om Shanti Om did not disappoint. It brought together a melodious and catchy title track, sensational romantic tracks as well something different, hot and happening in the form of Dard E Disco. Yet again we see another album that provides tracks of a wide rang of genres. Vishal and Shekhar are known for the outsanding works and the musical duo did not disappoint!

5. Guru
The musical genius AR Rehman had only one soundtrack this year and it was the fantastically composed, Guru. The album was full of fresh and melodious tunes, which had the signature Rehman touch. Barso Re and Tere Bina became instant hits as they hit it off well with everyone. Tere Bina has even gone on to become a very popular choice for a wedding song. Maya Maya became a hot number after the movie’s release when we witnessed Mallika Sherawat’s sizzling item number that went with the song. The rest of the album consisted of great songs that people could hear over and over again. This soundtrack released at the end of last year, but it is still thought of as being one of the best soundtracks among the movies released this year. This one is a classic album from a genius composer that just will not be forgotten.

6. Salaam E Ishq
The soundtrack may have released a while back but music lovers certainly didn’t stop listening to the catchy tunes of Salaam E Ishq all year around! Shankar Ehsaan and Loy did disappoint heavily last year however this year they were back on track with brilliant music! Salaam E Ishq was simply an outstanding album that brought back memories of good old Bollywood songs. The title track, Tenu Leke and Mera Dil are just to name a few of the brilliant tunes composed by SEL in this sensational album! An undying album that has been around all year and still remains on everyone’s favourites list!

7. Jhoom Barbar Jhoom
If Yash Raj didn’t earn enough revenue at the box office in 2007 then surely their music sales would have compensated for that! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom makes its way on this list of outstanding soundtracks. The title track with its many versions was much appreciated and simply was the perfect track to rock with at parties and get togethers. After all, a catchy tune is harmless. Bol Na Halke Halke kept up with the Yash Raj tradition of outstanding romantic numbers and Neeraj Sridhar simply rocked in Ticket to Hollywood. Perhaps the album was not as impressive as Bunty Aur Babli but certainly was fun filled album that can be enjoyed by the masses.

8. Taare Zameen Par
Shankar Ehsaan and Loy seem to be the reigning names on this countdown! The trio have delivered some very outstanding pieces of work throughout 2007. Taare Zameen Par comes as a great surprise as they once again showcase just how versatile their talent is. If they can deliver a commercial album like Jhoom Barbar Jhoom they can also surprise you with a very new age styled and sheik one like TZP. Every time you listen to a song from this album you’re bound to find new meanings. That is how much depth Prasoon Joshi’s writing has. Perhaps not your average commercial album however one that certainly stands out and has some outstanding track!

9. Johnny Gaddaar
Once again we make room for Shankar Ehsaan and Loy on this list! Yet again the trio deliver an outstanding album that has a completely new feel and style. The title track and its realistic and crude lyrics is highly addictive as is the track “Move Your Body”. Very reminiscent of Vishal and Shekhar’s Bluffmaster but ofcourse with its SEL touch! Johnny Gaddaar perhaps hasn’t received its due recognition but hopefully will in time! A sensational album that reminds you that SEL are amongst the best musical geniuses the Hindi Music Industry has seen till date!

10. Life in a Metro
Yet again we have Pritam on this list, but this time for a completely different album. Life in a Metro was a soulful yet modern album. Pritam took a huge risk with this album by venturing and trying to modify Bollywood songs with a rock band. Most of the songs in this album are catchy and have a different tune to each of them. The remix songs of the album provide us with a new singer and angle to each of the songs in the album with different feelings from that particular singer. Though, this album was not a hit with everyone, it sure created waves in the music industry.

As we say goodbye to 2007, we’d like to congratulate all these brilliant composers, singers and lyricists for delivering outstanding music throughout the year and keeping Bollywood true to its musical, creative and artistic style! We hope to witness nothing less in the upcoming year!

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