Top 10 Newcomers of 2008

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Each year a new batch of actors and actresses try and make their mark in the halls of Hindi filmdom. Though some go unnoticed, each year there are some performances that stand out and you know you are seeing the start of a something special: an actor or actress who is destined to be a star! Here is our list of the 10 who we think shined the brightest in their debut films!

10. Harman Baweja

He may not have had the best time at the box office with his debut film, but Harman Baweja certainly made his presence felt in his Dad’s launch pad Love Story 2050 with Priyanka Chopra. The newcomer, despite being part of a project that didn’t match too well with what audiences like, has a streak of releases lined up, so there has to be something special in this young talent. After all, it’s not every day you remain on the “to be watched” list despite delivering a box office dud. Well Harman Baweja, we certainly hope your future films redeem you at the box office, and Ajitpal’s Victory would be a great place to start!

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