Top 10 Picturisations of 2006

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2006 has seen many outstanding song picturizations. Now we acknowledge the top ten of these songs that choreographers, art directors, cinematographers, performers and many more have worked very hard to put up on celluloid.

1. Dhoom Again – Dhoom 2
The much awaited sequel of Dhoom saw Hrithik Roshan setting the screen on fire. With the hip, cool and amazing choreography of Shiamak Davar, Dhoom Again is a winner all the way. The set is fresh and hip going well with the feel of the song.

Two versions of the song were picturized in the movie. First the solo Hrithik version during the opening credits and secondly the duo of Hrithik and Aishwarya version during the closing credits. Both were equally effective and sensational. The superb performances by Aishwarya and Hrithik on both these songs must have made the choreographers job a whole lot easier.

2. Aashiqui Mein Teri (Remix) – 36 China Town
Here is a recipe to a perfect rocking number. Combine the dancing talents of Shahid, Kareena, and Upen. Add a rocking remix song by Himesh and top that up with the sensational moves of Remo and you will get a rocking number.

Aashqui Mein Teri uses this exact recipe to end the movie in style and fire. And I mean literally fire. The dragons around the set, the red and black colours, and the steaming fire all around. All this added to the rocking number that this song was. Even if one dislikes the song once you see the video it is hard to resist. A new star emerged as the audiences discovered a sensational dancer in Upen Patel. Aashiqui Mein Teri is one hell of a number!

3. Dil Laga Na and Crazy Kiya Re – Dhoom 2
Once again you see Dhoom 2 on the charts of Top Ten Song Picturisations. It is hard to choose from both these songs since they are both absolutely ravishing. With the mindblowing choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant of Kajra Re fame, Dil Laga Na and Crazy Kiya Re are definitely two hot numbers. She truly knows how to make her stars look hot and sizzling on screen.

Much advantage was taken of Aishwarya’s dancing abilities in Crazy Kiya Re, and both Hrithik and Aishwarya’s in Dil Laga Na. Both these songs definitely go to show that Vaibhavi is clearly one of the best in the business.

The setting of Dil Laga Na only adds more to the glamour and sizzling effect of the song. The busy carnival atmosphere surrounded by all colours that you can think of. The choreography, as expected, was simply outstanding, along with Hrithik’s dancing talent. Although the beauty of Dil Laga Na is that even though it features mostly Hrithik and Aishwarya, it also manages to fit in the whole cast of Dhoom 2 in this one song.

Crazy Kiya Re takes a different turn. The choreography is main reason behind the amazing picturisation of this song. As is the busy nightclub atmosphere, stylish costumes and of course the outstanding performance by Aishwarya.

4. Mere Haath Mein – Fanaa
The return of Kajol is enough to get the audience excited but if you add the ever so stylish Aamir Khan, a beautifully crafted song by Jatin and Lalit, an out of this world set and ravishing costumes then the audience will seriously experience fire on screen.

Kajol and Aamir truly set the screen on fire with this romantic number from Fanaa. The beauty of the song doesn’t lie on the dances or moves but rather on the chemistry of the two artists and the backdrop of the song. The beautiful voices of Sunidhi and Sonu only make this experience more memorable.

Yet again we have another winner from Yash Raj Films for an outstanding song that will not be forgotten easily.

5. Beedi – Omkara
By far one of the hottest numbers sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and performed by one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood, Bipasha Basu, and this number is certainly one that will not be easily forgotten. This song is totally natural, without the help of coordinated extras behind her; Bipasha manages to set the screen on fire, of course with the help of Viveik.

The vibrant color of the outfits, the totally down to earth moves, the crazy party atmosphere, and all those doting men around her, the beauty of this song is in Bipasha’s attractive and lively performance and of course it also lies in the absolutely amazing way it has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

6. Aaj Ki Raat – Don
One of the most awaited movies of the year certainly lived up to its expectations as far as song picturization was concerned.

Aaj Ki Raat, a peppy number put together by the marvelous trio of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy is surely an outstanding piece.

It is beautifully choreographed by Farah Khan. The stylish setting, glowing costumes and energetic performances all combine to a highly commendable song. Priyanka and Isha show what it takes to be in the arms of the King of Bollywood. The story line amidst the song doesn’t let one get bored when the mid music arrives. Long shot sequences such as in Farah’s previous work Chale Jaise Hawayein also adds to the effect that this song leaves on the audience.

On the whole Aaj Ki Raat is an excellent piece to be added to this group of outstanding songs. Farah ones again proves that she still has got what it takes even after so many years of being in the industry.

7. Humko Maloom Hain – Jaan-e-Mann
Now here is song picturized that is truly out of this world. A new style of picturization is explored throughout all the songs of Jaan-e-Mann. This song not only depends on how well the choreographer does or how well the actors perform, but the main genius behind this splendid number is the art director Sabu Cyrill.

Flash backs are a common effect that bores one during movies although in Jaan-e-Mann the audiences grows to look forward to them. By the lyrics of Humko Maloom Hai you can tell that the song is taking you through a journey. The journey is beautifully crafted by Sabu Cyrill, choreographed by Farah Khan and performed by Salman and Preity along with a group of splendid extras that deserve extra acknowledgment.

Even though there was one sequence which was borrowed from the Hollywood musical “The Producers,” the song still remains very original with beautiful technical effects that one doesn’t see often. It is a truly out of this world experience.

8. Salaam – Umrao Jaan
The expectations from this song were high, as it is from the remake of Rekha’s legendary Umrao Jaan, although Aishwarya surely lives up to those expectations. Salaam is mujra track. Such a track has very different requirements. It has artistic facial expressions, outstanding costumes, and outstanding sets, along with a totally different style of choreography and a first class performer to pull this off. And Salaam manages to achieve all this because of Aishwarya’s amazing classical performance, looking gorgeous in traditional outfits with simply marvelous jewelery. Such a song can be as perfectly planned although it can get no where if a poor performer is chosen. Luckily Salaam has no problems with this aspect. Art director Bijon Das Gupta certainly deserves special acknowledgment for this work.

9. Rang De Basanti – Rang De Basanti
One of the most talked about films of the year is not only famous for its story but also of its song picturizations. The main beauty of the Rang De Basanti title track is the cinematography. The amazing locales of India, all the color, culture and tradition combine towards a very “hatke” track. A. R Rehman’s out of this world soundtrack adds to this. The song picturized on the whole cast of Rang De Basanti shows the friends having a great time, exploring the country side whilst shooting for their documentary. On the whole Rang De Basanti is a unique song that simply stands out of the crowd.

10. Meter Down – Taxi No 9211
Now this is a song that isn’t your average Bollywood song. Upon hearing the track audiences already became curious as to how this would look like on screen but no one had any idea for what was the end result. Choreographer’s Bosco and Ceaser certainly showed off that they are no ordinary artists. A song like this is a work of a pure genius. Picturized in a comic manner and performed by the cast of the movie, Meter Down is definitely a superb track. It is sung by one of Bollywood’s most talked about and talented singers, Adnan Sami and composed by Vishal and Shekhar. The interesting costumes of all three characters keep your eyes glued to the screen and the impressive special effects leaves a strong impact. A treat to the eye for the ladies as John struts his stuff and also for the gents as Sameera appears in her latest avatar. Meter Down is a track that is purely original and hard to re-create. So ladies and gentlemen keep remember this one because I doubt there will be more like it.

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