Top 10 Rain Songs in Bollywood

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Rain has been linked to Indian cinema since the very beginning of the film industry. It’s the one element that can be used to portray a variety of emotions and interesting situations. Whether it’s symbolized to show romance or heartbreak. To depict sensuality or just simple playfulness, rain is that single element that can successfully captivate the viewer’s imagination. It transports you to another world where it’s just you, the characters and the beauty of the monsoon rain.

It can’t be denied that rain evokes a certain sense of allure and fascination. The aesthetic beauty of it remains unmatched till this day. It’s one of the main things the industry is famous for. When one thinks of Bollywood they think of an elated sari-clad heroine dancing in the rain in stunning locales. To this day it epitomizes that and so much more!

We take a look at 10 of the most interesting rain sequences from yesteryears to the most recent times and give a special mention to a few that unfortunately did not make the countdown.

10) Hum Tum – Hum Tum (2004)

‘Saanson ko saanson main dhalne do zaraa
Dheemi si dhadkhan ko bharne do zaraa
Lamho ki guzarish hai yeh
Paas aa jaye.. Hum.. Hum Tum’

With music by Jatin-Lalit and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, this romantic number was destined to be a success. For a romantic song as this, a romantic pair were definitely needed and who better then the hit pairing Rani and Saif? Rhea and Karan wander the streets on a rainy night, it was on this night that she realises her feelings for him. The song then takes us to various scenarios that she imagines herself in, which then ends with a kiss at the beach. The rain here is a symbolization of the feelings not yet expressed between the two, but the audience understood the words unsaid.

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