Top 10 TV Shows of 2006

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Almost everyone has that one special show — that show that you throw everything aside for, that keeps you glued to the couch, and without it your week or even day is left incomplete. With all popular shows coming to an end, tons of new shows have been churned out in the past few seasons, all vying to grab that number one spot. Since the demise of major sitcoms (Friends, Will and Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond), we have yet to witness another comedy show to take their places. Instead, viewers seem to be looking for more interesting and diverse shows to fulfill their weekly TV dose. In this article BollySpice takes a look at the top 10 television shows this year!

10. Nach Baliye 2
After a rocking first season, Nach Baliye 2 once again weaves two things we all love, dancing and music, into a lovable and charismatic show. It may not be the most innovative idea of all, but with sexy siren Malaika Arora Khan, praised choreographer Saroj Khan, and talented director Kunal Kholi judging various contestants, its sure entertaining. Although there are a few shows with a reality-dance competition theme, Nach Baliye 2 is undoubtedly the best of the lot. With couple Tina and Hussain walking away with the prize this season, you can be certain to see a fresh season with new couples in no time. While watching this show you just want to jump up on the couch and naach dance)! Of course…make sure nobody’s around!

9. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
The quintessential Indian soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has all the characteristics of an Indian drama. It’s got it all — lies, deception, death, tears, and once in a while there’s some happiness. Of course the happiness is quickly washed away with a tragic event! However illogical it may be, KSBKBT is unbelievably addicting. Just try watching it for one week, you won’t be able to stop! Of course most people claim to completely dislike these soaps, but no matter what, there’s no getting away from them. Of all the dramas out there KSBKBT takes the cake this year with the best ratings and largest audience. Certainly, this soap isn’t going anywhere. Bring on the tissues!

8. House
After a thrilling second season, House emerges as one of the top shows this year. The best part of this show is probably the uniquely crafted characters, as well as a brilliant portrayal of Dr. House by actor Hugh Laurie. In House there is no perfect character as they each have a grey shade of their own — which is what makes it so distinctive. A perfect blend of medical mumbo-jumbo and gripping drama, House continues to leave us on the edge of our couches week after week. No matter how much you hate him, you just can’t help but love him!

7. Lost
Lost easily ranks among the most creative and imaginative television shows out there right now. Its unique concept of portraying a group of people stranded on an island is precisely what keeps viewers enticed and in turn grabs fantastic ratings each week. With an ensemble cast, Lost continues to captivate viewers and becomes more popular each season that goes by. Lost definitely hasn’t gotten lost in the crowd this year.

6. Bigg Boss
In some ways based on reality TV series Big Brother, Sony TV’s Bigg Boss encompasses the same interesting look into people’s lives once they are thrown into a house and forced to live together. Of course, Bigg Boss creates tons of twists each season and with a panorama of contestants, the show never fails to stir up some fun, even controversy. One thing’s certain, a good controversy is always entertaining.

5. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Zee’s singing competition Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has been an instant hit since it started. Once again, it’s a perfect example of reality TV creating great entertainment. Nevermind that there are other shows like it, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has a certain something that can’t be pinpointed, something that most other shows of this genre fail to acquire. It is this very unidentifiable magic that has made Sa Re Ga Ma Pa the 5th most popular show this year.

4. America’s Next Top Model
With charming and sexy Tyra Banks as host, America’s Next Top Model has become a rage among viewers, mainly females, who tune in religiously each week to see which model is the next to go. Working heavily on the glamour factor, ANTM, now in its seventh season or “cycle” as they call it, continues to rake in bountiful ratings and millions of viewers worldwide. Don’t ask me why it’s fun to watch a bunch of women fight with each other — it just is. Preparing for its eighth season, it looks like the glamour, fame, success, and style is all set to scorch the small screen all over again.

3. Desperate Housewives
Probably the largest success story of a television drama in recent times, Desperate Housewives sky-rocketed to the top of viewers’ must-watch lists within its very first season. Bagging tons of awards along the way, DH has become a phenomenon. Surprisingly, following the lives of five women in a suburban town is extremely addicting. Call it whatever you want; comedy, drama, soap — Desperate Housewives can’t be classified into one genre in particular. It’s just Desperate Housewives, a genre all on its own. With a gigantic cast, these housewives truly bring the saying alive — everybody has a little dirty laundry.

2. Grey’s Anatomy
It looks like ensemble casts are the new big thing. Just like Desperate Housewives, award-winning Grey’s Anatomy features a diverse and compelling cast. Clad in scrubs and lab coats, Grey’s Anatomy is another hit medical drama which follows the personal and professional lives of surgical interns and physicians in a Seattle hospital. Although the first season won much critical acclaim, it failed to lure in an abundance of viewers. On the other hand, the second and third season ratings have showed an extraordinary jump, catapulting Grey’s Anatomy to one of the most-watched dramas on-air. This edgy, intellectual and irresistible drama has intrigued countless viewers in an unbelievably short amount of time. For a drama series, this is truly a great feat.

1. Idol Series (American, Pop, Indian)
Now dispersed in over 35 countries, the Idol series has become undoubtedly the most-watched show around the world. Originating in Britain as Pop Idol, the series was then taken to America where it was a hit from the word go. The idea of watching ordinary people become stars with your votes has become tremendously enthralling to viewers. With over 88 stars created, the Idol series continues its unbelievable storm, making all other shows look inferior when compared. It’s a unique concept which actually ends up uniting a nation through one simple television show, or one person — and that’s the best part. Kelly Clarkson, Will Young, Abhijeet Sawant — all have begun to become household names in the country that gave them victory. Whether it’s America, U.K, Canada, India, or any other country, the Idol series is by far the most popular television show. With new countries creating an Idol series of their own each season that rolls by, it looks like there’s no stopping this spectacular force in television. And so we return the crown to the Idol series, reigning as the #1 television show of 2006!

Special Mentions:
A few shows that didn’t quite make our list, but are almost there: Prison Break, Jhalak Dikhlaja, Ugly Betty, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Survivor, CSI, Deal or No Deal.

With fantastic shows and innovative concepts coming from each and every direction, it’s extremely difficult to choose the top 10 of the year. However it’s clear for all to see that drama and reality are the two genres dominating the remote control. Will this trend continue, or will we soon find sitcoms making a comeback? Or maybe even a new genre? Well, only time can tell. But for now, go plunk yourself on the couch and get your dose of your favourite show! Who knows, that addiction may be replaced by another show very soon.

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