Top 5 Criticized Stars

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You would think castigating stars in our Bollywood industry is a tough ball game to live by. Critics take lessons, writers are in pursuit of an inspiration, and celebrity families stick by their star through thick and thin. And then there are the so-called fans, the flawless crtics, the brilliant ‘junta’ who seem to be doing nothing but passing on negative feedback. After four or five films, cinegoers are able to boldly perlustrate an actor or actress. What they fail to pick up on is the immense effort and eternal pressure these performers put in to prepare for a character.

Why are cinegoers becoming too analytical after an actor has delivered a train of hits? One carefree signature on a movie contract can easily wipe out years of hard work and success. Someone doesn’t cry naturally, someone breathes too heavily, or someone’s voice is irritating; let’s give the actors a break already!

BollySpice constructed a list of actors and actresses we feel are criticized more than required. Perhaps this will help the world cut down the scrutinizing.

1. Shahrukh Khan – The number one criticized person in India today. After he ruled the 90’s by capturing hearts as his signature characters ‘Raj’ and ‘Rahul,’ fans were not ready for versatility whereas critics were ready to pull their hair out if seen in one more “loveable” character. Accordingly, the nation’s Baadshah was geared up to diversify his performing techniques in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Swades; however, the box office was not going to let this vital change succeed with ease. Swades didn’t quite make the cash registers click and Khan’s new image went from ‘loveable’ to ‘irritating.’ Today, the criticism has expanded from both critics and former fans in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. The arrogant and weak character Dev Saran was abhorred from most cinegoers. Sadly, things didn’t get much better with Khan’s next gamble: Farhan Akhtar’s Don. After dissecting every dialogue, action pose, and evil laughter, critics and fans agreed: Big Baadshah, Mr. Bachchan was a cooler Don than Chhota Baadshah SRK.

2. Aishwarya Rai – A splendid beauty, an impressive dancer, and an accomplished star. She’s opened doors for Indians and South Asians around the world. She was the number one googled celebrity in 2006. So what is she being criticized for again? Some can say resentment, while others simply cannot stand the Aish behind the camera. “Her interviews are too politically correct. We don’t like her annoying giggles. She is too secretive… Bachchan ki chamchi hai woh. She is trying too hard.” Oh, the excuses are endless. If we’re going to take the intiative in criticizing, let’s do it for her performances. Why get personal? Admitted, the ‘Sunehri’ in Dhoom 2 was not exactly her most proficient performance; but hey, the woman’s an actress. And like our number one criticized star, she too needs a break from those Paro/Umrao Jaan type roles and take on something… dare I say it, different. Still, one must applaud her for not sticking to a simple camp like some of our other so-called ‘versatile actresses’.

3. Salman Khan – Audiences don’t understand his emotional dialogues when he whispers them, teenagers say he can’t dance, critics think he’s too over the top and straight up, sucks. It seems he is only favored throughout the media who can’t help but adore his scandalous controversies. The one and only, Salman Khan, is condemned for every feature in his life. Be it his obnoxious performances, young girlfriend, abusive past relationships, anger management concerns, or the drunk driving incident India may never forget; he does it, the rest of the country writes about it over and over and over again. If the man decides to urinate in a bush, he would get bashed from left, right and center. He is the Britney Spears of Bollywood [awkward example? Indeed.], the star who is labeled as the “screw up” when in reality he has a great deal to bring to the industry. SK’s true celebrity pals say he has a heart of gold, perhaps even platinum. The emotion, the power, the natural ability is evident in movies such as Tere Naam and Kyon Ki. The intensity keeps your eyes wide awake, filled with tears and your body filled with goosebumps. A talent shines through in this superstar, except we are only concerned in the poor career decisions he is likely to make in the future. That, and of course driving while intoxicated—a big no-no.

4. Kareena Kapoor – Coming from a prestigious and influential household, Kareena Kapoor has a great load of pressure on her shoulders. She has already missed out on career-defining roles for example: Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho, but she has made up for others with Chameli and Dolly from Omkara. Although she has been a favorite among critics for the past couple of years, her horrendous choice in movies such as Khushi and Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon have not been forgotten so quickly with audiences, as her vacuous expressions leave an amateur image in our heads. Aside from on-screen blunders, the actress is also known for getting into brawls with several colleagues. Kapoor’s blunt style of expressing herself is not entirely appreciated by most actresses. Others may complain her figure isn’t nearly as toned compared to older sister Karisma. Still, Bebo remains glamorous and we have to admit, she has always chosen a large variety of roles in her career. Shed the pounds and continue doing what you do best girlfriend!

5. Priyanka Chopra – The name itself shouts eminence. Another politically correct actress [trust me, it’s only because they have been trained] came into the industry with a bang—shocking producers, directors, critics, and fans everywhere. Her seductive and mischievous character in Aitraaz became an eye-opener and producers were lined up to sign her in their projects. They all predicted the peak of her career was yet to come but what we didn’t know was that there was a possibility of it already passing. Who knew it were the big budget films that would screw a potentially brilliant actress over. Critics found her exaggerated and overexerted acting in Krrish too over the top much like her irritating dialogue delivery and delayed expressions in Salaam-e-Ishq. Within the past year Chopra has gone from an industry favorite to a skeptical choice. Luckily, we see grand opportunities impending her way. She’s sensational, classy, sincere, and without a doubt, talented. Fear not Piggy Chops, soon enough, you wont be too far from the very top!

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