Top 5 Filmi Surprises of 2007

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2007 may well be one of the most unpredictable years for the Indian film industry, Bollywood. Movies that everyone thought would surely be blockbusters didn’t fair so well at box office and movies that had no expectations what-so-ever from them became the reigning names at the box office. BollySpice now brings you our top 5 film surprises. Movies that came to the cinemas, which you saw and which conquered all others at the box-office.

5. Dus Kahanaiyaan

Mulitiple storylines haven’t been a success in a long time. RGV’s Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai didn’t fair too well and failed to impress a large portion of the audience thus something similar was expected of Dus Kahaniyaan. However the movie surprises audiences greatly! Some of the finest short stories were incorporated in this film and audiences saw director Sanjay Gupta in a new light as well as Meghna Gulzar. Both directors delivered some of the finest short stories that could well be much better than many whole three hour movies released in 2007. With the exemption of two or three stories, Dus Kahaniyaan was a highly enlightening experience that gave audiences something deep and meaningful to watch. A complete delightful surprise!

4. Namastey London

When the promotion of Vipul Shah’s Namastey London began audiences just saw it as another happy-go-lucky comedy starring Akshay Kumar however upon release audiences were stunned by the deep content and high meaning of the film. Not only did the movie explore the mindset of second generation migrants but also the patriotism that lies somewhere in every Indian. Katrina Kaif came into the light as an actress who was above the normal mediocre feminine roles. The actresses surprised all with a completely natural performance. What seemed to be another comedy that would make you giggle till your belly ached turned out to be so much more and taught young and old valuable lessons of life! Kudos to Vipul Shah for delivering this pleasant surprise!

3. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar

Robbie Grewal’s Samay went unnoticed at the box office due to its non-commercial appeal however Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar certainly made one hell of a debut. If you still haven’t gotten around to seeing this movie you’re missing out. Critics raved about it. Audiences adored the storyline and the title track became a youth anthem. Ruslaan Mumtaz came into the limelight as the new comparison to Shahid Kapoor and Hazel finally got recognition above her television advertisements and music videos. And who would have thought all this would have been achieved from such a simple and pleasant movie. The success of MP3 simply shows that audiences await such surprises once in a while when they’re not overloaded with movies of complicated and challenging themes and subjects! A much needed pleasant surprise by Robbie Grewal.

2. Johnny Gadaar

Ek Hasina Thi may have been a revelation of Saif’s versatility however the movie didn’t receive too many compliments for its actual storyline. Director Sriram Raghavan finally got all that he missed with Johnny Gadaar. Once again we find a no-name cast and a very “hatke” storyline on this list. Johnny Gadaar was a pleasant surprise and a refreshing release. The story was fresh and the screenplay was beautifully penned. Newcomer Neil Nitin Mukesh made a flawless debut and not only got into the limelight with the critics but also with the ladies! Such unconventional title, movie and cast weren’t expected to create such an intelligent movie. Johnny Gadaar is without a doubt one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

1. Jab We Met

It’s a surprise in itself that one of the best movies of this year was not expected to be so outstanding by many. Those who didn’t witness the magic of Imtiaz Ali’s story telling in Socha Na Tha were utterly surprised when a movie that was expected to be just another love story turned out to be one of the best of its time! Jab We Met was the perfect opportunity for Kareena Kapoor to remind us all that she is indeed amongst the finest actresses of Indian Cinema and it was also the perfect opportunity for Shahid Kapoor to prove that he can be much more than just a college-love-boy. In today’s era when movies only work when they tackle a challenging subject it is an utter surprise to meet a maker who dares to do something simple in a grand way! No one thought that such a normal storyline could be displayed in such a magical way . When looking back no one will ever guess that such a masterpiece was not expected to be one!

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