Top 5 Ridiculous Song Picturizations

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Song picturizations are what sets Bollywood movies apart from other genres. They are filled with sensational and unique choreography and the beautiful sceneries range from the pyramids of Egypt to the locales of hillstations. There are many different kinds of them:

. Item songs, which are always so hot and sizzling that they set the screen on fire
. Romantic numbers, or commonly referred to as “running around trees” songs, which makes everyone in the audience sigh.
. The classic “barsaat” or “rain” numbers that have been a classic since the days of black and white television.

And last, but not the least, are situational numbers which are more enhanced by the cinematography rather than choreography, and these numbers flow beautifully, weaving themselves seamlessly within the screenplay; they are just another way of moving the story along.

However like everything in life, things aren’t always perfect. Every now and then a song picturization goes terribly wrong, and it becomes an excruciating few minutes for the audiences when these songs flash up on screen.

We thought that it’d be cool to get two different views on what our journalists find ridiculous. So we asked Stacey and Prathna to do their list of song picutizations that they considered went awfully wrong.

Here are Stacey’s Top 5 Ridiculous song picturizations

5. Jab Dil Mile from Yaadein

Yaadein stars Kareena Kapoor and hunky Hrithik Roshan as the lead couple. The movie was directed by Subash Ghai and is the story of a father, his 3 daughters, and their relationships, particularly Kareena’s with Hirthik. The soundtrack, with music by Anu Malik and lyrics Anand Bakshi, is fantastic and the movie does have some entertaining picturizations. But then comes Jab Dil Mile! I truly hate to list this as one because the song is great. Plus any song with a hot looking Hrithik dancing is going to be good! The beginning, where the two are at a beach bonfire party and Hrithik dances, definitely proves this but then it suddenly goes wrong. You see Hrithik on the beach dressed as a soldier and then he is suddenly not one, but 100 computer-generated dancing soldier Hrithiks with people running along a boardwalk in front of him, some twirling fabric above their heads. Huh??? Then the p

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