Top 5 Rising Male Stars of 2007

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4. Prashant Raj

Now this youngster’s talent was not done justice to by the box office thanks to the not so hit RGV’s Aag. Yet he remains intact on this list of rising newcomers. Prashant Raj was given the debut that many wouldn’t dream of. A role that many wouldn’t even think of landing. The actor stood tall with pride when he got the role of the infamous Jai of Sholay. And might we add, it takes a hell lot of courage to do a role originally played by Amitabh Bachchan even if you’re an established star, so one can only imagine the nerves that Prashant Raj had whilst doing the role of Jai in RGV’s remake of Sholay. Like Muzammil, this fine actor proved the stereotypical view of “models cannot act” wrong as well. It hardly matters that Aag didn’t fare well in the box office. Prashant not only got to do a dream role, but also got into the good books of critics and audiences. One cannot wait to see what this ball of talent does next.

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