Top 5 Rising Male Stars of 2007

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5. Ruslaan Mumtaz

The first thing that comes to ones mind when thinking of Ruslaan is “the next Shahid Kapur”. And if we may say so, this is a compliment. Ruslaan Mumtaz is certainly one the cutest and most talented youngsters to hit the screens since Shahid. And what makes this particular newcomer even more special is, like Shahid, he managed to be a hit at the box office with just a simple college love story. MP3 gave everyone butterflies with its “lovey dovey” content, breath taking scenery and rocking soundtrack. On the other hand, Ruslaan Mumtaz was an instant hit from the word go. Before even finishing the project the young star had offers coming in from left, right and center. With his next project “Tere Sang” directed by Anupam Kher ready to be released, Ruslaan is ready to take on the big bad world of Indian cinema with his heart, mind and soul.

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