Top 5 Stories of 2006

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5. Sanjay Dutt found Guilty
The famous Munnabhai has been found guilty under the arms act. The verdict hasn’t been announced yet but he has escaped the TADA act which is a major relief for us Sanjay Dutt fans. Many bollywood stars have expressed their sympathy for Sanjay by raising their voices against severe punishment or imprisonment. Arshad Warsi even wrote a letter saying “Bhai tension nahi lene ka”. Circuit sure bought a smile to Sanjay’s sad face.

4. John cheating on Bipasha with Vidya
The sizzling scenes in many of the promos of SEI suggest that John Abraham is cheating on Bipasha Basu with none other than Vidya Balan. Nothing has been confirmed yet but many articles have been published hinting that famous couple John and Bipasha might break up. Poor Bipasha, first harassment in the USA and now this, what next?

3. Bipasha harassed in the US?
Bipasha Basu arrived in USA planning to have a great time in the Indian Parade being held in New Jersey. But instead of having a great time she was found storming out of the parade, apparently looking very angry. The reason for this kind of behavior? Bipasha claims that two of the organizers harassed her physically as well as mentally on her way to the parade. When she tried to tell the people what the organizers had done she was cut off by them and she decided not to attend the parade. She said in a recent interview “I am coming from a profession that deserves respect. I also deserve respect”

2. Soha-Abhay in a relationship?
After the film Ahista Ahista many articles suggest that Soha Ali Khan and Abhay Deol are in a relationship. Is this true? It hasn’t been confirmed for sure but the way Abhay looks at her and their strange behavior hints that a new relationship in bollywood is slowly forming. I think it would be great if they were in a relationship, they make quite a nice couple. So what if Abhay didn’t get her in the movie, he can atleast get Soha in real life.

1. Ash-Abhi Marriage
This is definetly the biggest story of the year because when Bollywood’s most popular actor and actress announce their marriage, Who wouldn’t want to know if this is true? Many articles in the past few months announce that Abhi and Ash are going to get married next year. Now you may be thinking why next year? According to many sources it is said to be a good year for them to wed. Many fans are not sure if they should be happy or sad, some say that a beautiful lady like Ash shouldn’t get married to Abhi and some say a handsome man like Abhi deserves much more than Ash. But I think this is just a rumor and they probably wont get married like Karishma and Abhishek didn’t.

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