Top Controversies of 2008

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Initially, I didn’t think there were too many controversies in 2008. However, after some brainstorming with the rest of the team, we realized that 2008 was full of controversies. So, BollySpice compiled a list of all the big and small, interesting and not-so interesting, juicy and boring hullabaloos that erupted from the Bollywood camp in 2008. Enjoy!

Shah Rukh Khan’s tiff with Salman Khan

It all began with at Katrina Kaif’s party where a war of words exploded to create one of 2008’s biggest controversies. The reason for their tiff is still unknown. While bystanders claimed it was created by their competitive nature due to their respective television shows, others say it was because of other causes. The two Khan’s ended their friendship once again on a sour note.

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