Top Ten Bollywood Dances of 2007

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With a wide variety of films released this year, we got to see numerous kinds of picturisations of songs and beautiful choreography and dancing. We witnessed new talent emerging, and also saw that one dancing queen’s come back this year! We have done our best to keep everything in mind while making the selection, from the popularity of the song and the film, to the direction & choreography, to the final play-out. For this feature, we only had ten spots after all, so here are our picks for the Top Ten Dances of 2007!

1. Aaja Nachle & the Laila-Majnu play – Aaja Nachle

First of all, it was such a good feeling to see Madhuri back on the big screen once again, so we were only prepared to be hypnotized by her dancing yet again! It only made sense for her dance in Aaja Nachle, combined with the finale dance and play of Laila-Majnu to be put at the number one spot. There was sheer magnetism and magic in both of these pieces, totally incaptivating! The viewer didn’t want to look elsewhere while these two were played out – one’s eyes were simply set on Madhuri in Aaja Nachle, thinking how does she do it? How does she manage to mesmerize us each time!? Wow!

The Laila-Majnu play was the saving grace of the film Aaja Nachle, it was meant to be so! The whole movie lead up to that finale, and boy was it grand! There were beautiful costumes, opulent sets and props, the sequence was so smooth! The actors were fully immersed in the characters they were playing out, everyone was spot on! I could go on and on about how I thought everything was simply perfect in the finale song and play, simply everything! From the chemistry of the two leads, to Madhuri’s narration, to the passionate dancing, and much much more! One has to see the play to believe the magnificence of it, and to feel the joy it brings. Simply, beautiful!

2. Mere Dholna – Bhool Bhulaiya

This song is on this list mainly for the beautiful dancing by Vidya Balan and the dance master Vineeth. The amount of hardwork and effort put into this song by Vidya truly showed since it was sheer joy watching her in this song. The song itself doesn’t necessarily cater to everyone’s taste but if one is to watch it with the video, I guarantee you they will sit through. She was very good and confident! After all, following a classical dancing professional and doing it well is no easy task. Needless to say, she looked beautiful and the entire sequence was interesting to watch.

3. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Dance-off – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

I can take the easy way out and perfectly describe this dance picturisation in one word – FUN! But I can’t do that- I have to go into details, though the word ‘Fun’ would basically sum it all up. The extravagant sets and costumes alone are enough to ensure a spot for this song on our list. They were so colorful, bright, and inviting! What I liked a lot about the dancing and choreography was how smartly the movements match the lyrics, and the actual feelings of the characters! It was very cleverly done since the partners are singing for the partners, yet they’re not! Kudos to Shaad and Vaibhavi for giving us this one super-fun sequence in an otherwise average movie.

4. Dhoom Tana – Om Shanti Om

Being the writer of the Om Shanti Om Music review for Bollyspice, I must admit I HATED this song – but I guess I made a short turnaround when I saw the picturisation … I didn’t hate it anymore! Deepika was an absolute dream to watch! I watched her classical bit in the beginning over and over since she made it look so effortlessly beautiful and fun to do! All the special effects incorporated into the picturisation that is to make it seem that Deepika was opposite the old heroes were amazing! Technically well done! It showed creativity on Farah’s part and also signaled towards a more tech savvy Indian Film Industry. Gone are the days of the extremely shoddy special effects, the kind that made us laugh out of stupidity! The sets, costumes, and enactment for this song were brilliant! A huge applause goes to those working behind the scenes on this one and also to Deepika and Shah Rukh for doing such a nice job. I must add though that I still hit the ‘skip’ button for Dhoom Tana while listen to the OSO soundtrack in my car, but the video is just something else! Thoroughly Entertaining!

5. Mauja Mauja & Yeh Ishq – Jab We Met

Mauja Mauja simply had to make it to our top ten! Shahid’s dancing, surprise-surprise, was beyond amazing in the song! He brings a sort of energy few can match! The whole concept of the song video was appealing and different, just like the Yeh Ishq song from the same movie. The extras in Mauja Mauja had those elements that tied the song back to the beginning of the movie and how they both, Aditya and Geet, met at first and how unknowingly the love between them developed. The sets and costumes were bright and attractive though I must say, Kareena’s pants were a bit distracting…

The picturisation for Yeh Ishq was so easy on the eyes and I liked how the choreographer and director were creative to portray the song matched with Geet’s (Kareena) personality. It accurately depicted that carefee girl’s world, her imagination that new no limits, her love of love, and her zest for life. Very nicely done! Besides, the song itself is so addictive!

6. Salaam-e-Ishq – Salaam-e- Ishq

One of the best parts of SEI, this picturisation of the title song was simply great! The transition from sequence to sequence and from couple to couple was so smooth. The depiction was at once similar and different, since it was molded to match the situation of each couple at that time. The dancing of all the stars was superb, but Govinda’s was unmatched. He was just simply the best, whereas Salman had the most charisma. The entire song was well shot, afterall, it was bits and pieces from this song that were put into trailers and that eventually acted as bait for us, the audience. Yeah it’s another thing that the movie did not live upto our expectations but hey, atleast this song and its picurtisation is great! We can live with that…

7. Tere Bina – Guru

A picturisation that matched the masterpiece this A. R. Rahman song was. Just like the song is so heart warming and easy on the ears, the picturisation did it justice and one feels the same way as they would even if they listened to the song only. The whole castle setting, mixed with the short classical dances – enacting the meaning of the lyrics, the pretty clothes, and the chemistry of the two leads were just perfect!

8. Pyar Ki Ek Kahaani – Honeymoon Travels Private Ltd.

It was a refreshing change to see a sexy Latin dance, the salsa, incorporated into a mainstream movie and a fairly popular song. The two dance leads were simply great! It successfully brought out all the feelings a fiery Latin dance is supposed to bring forth, those of ecstasy & jealousy among others. These feelings are realized in the dancing partners and the viewers too! In this case, the audience too besides the side sitting actors in the actual movie! Also, whenever I see a dance as such I always feel inspired to learn it too – hence I’m sure other viewers like me felt this way too. It’s a calling for the passionate!

9. Yoon Shabnami – Saawariya

A Bhansali film is always a work of art, and Saawariya was no exception. Each frame was like a painting, and if a song is to be picked for a our yearly countdown, it’d have to be Yoon Shabnami. The theme of backup dancers dressed for the Muslim prayer, is a bit hard to digest at first, but if looked at from the viewpoint of ‘art and creativity’ you realize how different his vision is and it all does come together throughout the song. Ranbir and Soman are amazing dancers as one can witness in this song. Also, the colors and the settings only add to the charm of the song. It ends up looking like sheer grandeur at the end.

10. It’s Rocking – Kya Love Story Hai

The song itself is immensely addictive and catchy, and the video entertains as well. Kareena is looking very pretty and the dancing is nice as well. The moves are easy to follow for the average viewer and this only added to this song being a bigger hit with the masses especially at weddings and parties.

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