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Do you remember when you were little and you were watching Transformers on your TV set? The little cars turning into robots and the wars they have with each other? Remember how you felt that the Transformers were almost real just through the TV set? Well here is a better version of Transformers. Watching it in full screen that is. The effects and the colors with better quality, you can actually feel that it is real!

From the start, you are already laughing and you still are in the end. Shia Labeouf plays Sam Witwikki, the main character who the robots are actually looking for. He started off as a geek who was already in a bad shape with the grades and the girls!. But his father promises to buy him a car when he gets an A. He did.. but he got a second hand camero instead. And that is where all the action starts. Megan Fox plays Mikaela in the movie, the girl Sam wants to be with. The movie, directed by Michael Bay, is well written and well packed. You can actually feel the earth rumbling as the robots land, you can feel the fear in you being gripped on tightly as the robots fight. And don’t think that the robots are just plain serious, they have a sense of humour too. You don’t get to see a 20 feet tall robot standing in the middle of your backyard do you? And you haven’t seen six of those tall looking giant robots, trying to hide in your backyard, hiding from your parents eyes don’t you? Well in Transformers, they do have it. Josh Dushamel plays a simple yet somewhat of a leading part too, as he plays Captain Lennox, a Soldier in Qatar. The soldiers were the first to have direct contacts with the Decpticons and they have a part to bring down these aliens too.

The main robot character is Megatron, whom some might know as Decepticons, who tries to take over the planet but fails as he falls down to earth and crash lands. There he meets Captain Witwikki, whose discovery was made great but unfortunately many labeled him as crazy. His grandson, Sam Witwikki, manages to grab hold of some of his Grandfathers’ items, including his glasses, which is the source of the whole movie actually. Thus came Optimus Prime and his Autobots who then try to save the world by getting to Sam first and get the glasses, which leads to a cube, and that all will be understandable only if you watch the film.

What I really like about the movie is that it has a great sense of humour base and storyline. The timing is perfect and even though you know its a serious scene, you can never fail to catch those lines being thrown at you. And another thing I like is the cars. I’m a car and bikes fan and so this movie has a whole lot of them. How? Hear this.. Pontiac Solstice, Porsche and a Camaro. Theres two version of Camaro and that is the 1976 Camaro and the other is the Concept Camaro and this car potrays Bumblebee, the car Sam has. The movie even has a Mustang which is not really a mustang for Mustang Decepticon, A Chevrolet SRR Truck, A Barricade Evil Saleen S28, A Hummer H2, A Topkick Warrior, and for Optimus Prime, A Peterbilt Truck. Other than cars, they have military vehicles such as the F-14 Jet, MH-53 Helicopter and an F-22 Raptor Fighter. All these jet-slick vehicles are a man’s best friend, and all these can be seen in Transformers.

What really bothers me is that in the movie, there is a lot of goofs and such. For instance, the main goof is that Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee were being chased by one of the Decpticons, it was day. But in the end, when the chase was over, it was night. There are some weird scenes too but just watch the movie.

Well, Transformers is one of my favourite Marvel movies and this is a must watch movie. Hence, thumbs up to Michael Bay for yet another outstanding movie.

Our Rating

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