Tribute: Rishi Kapoor in His Own Words

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It is with sadness we must report the passing of one of the greats Rishi Kapoor. The actor died in Mumbai at the age of 67.

From his first film Bobby in 1973 throughout his 46-year career, Mr Rishi Kapoor played comedy, action, dance, romance, drama, and everything in between. Mr Kapoor became his characters – he did not play them, he was them.

To honor his work, here are his thoughts on acting in his own words.

“I always wanted to be an actor”

“My head was in the clouds after Bobby, but my struggle had only begun because at the age of 21, I had become a hero. But then I had realized that I have to keep my feet on ground.”

“In the first 20 years of my acting life, I did not do any acting. All I did was to wear a jersey, dance, lip-sync to songs, and run after girls over mountains and in the snow”

“I have tried to look different and play different roles through my life because I am passionate about my work.”

“An actor’s journey is never fulfilled. We always look for greener pastures, better roles, better creativity. We all want to do good work.”

“The fire within you as an actor should always keep burning. That should be the mantra for any good actor.”

“Personally, I think that the story is all-important; everything else comes later. But if there’s any other way to ensure the betterment of the film, I always implement it.”

“In acting, the basic tool is observation. Whenever you see something, you store it in your head, and when you come across a character that reminds you of that instance, you incorporate it.”

“It is an advantage to be born in Kapoor family and to be known by that name, but it also a burden because there are lots of expectations from you.”

“I like to call myself as son of famous father and father of famous son.”

“I am no champion, no great name, just a small actor who loves working for cinema.”

“I am a natural actor. I try to keep it spontaneous as far as possible. That is my mantra.”

“I have played all generations in reel and real life – grandson, son, father, and grandfather – and each relationship has taught me something.”

“I like to be respected as an actor”

“I enjoy, I take delight in, working in films because I feel it’s an honour, you know, to entertain people, to regale audiences.”

Thank you Mr Kapoor for all the entertainment!

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