Trishala Dutt’s Bollywood Aspirations

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Twenty-one year old Trishala Dutt is ready to join her father in B-town. The young actress and model has so far only worked in the US, but now has Bollywood aspirations.

Trishala has grown up with her maternal aunt in New York. While she sees her father fairly often, the two do not always see eye to eye. In fact, Sanju is not as excited about his daughter’s foray into Bollywood. Trishala tells Hindustan Times, “Of course, you should listen to your elders’ advice and take that into consideration, but the decision should be yours at the end of the day.”

She adds that she wants to find her own way into the industry by her own merit. Inspired by her grandfather, Sunil Dutt, Trishala would like to gain her fame through hard work and not nepotism. Perhaps this is why she is beginning her acting career in New York before coming to India. “I joined Atlantic Theater Acting School to pursue my passion for acting. I might be joining NY Film Academy as they will be taking students to India for an intensive course on filmmaking. One must understand all aspects of the business.”

With such ambition at a young age, something tells us no one will stop Trishala from appearing on the big screen soon.

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