Trouble for John Abraham

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Trouble seems to be following John Abraham around these days. The Bollywood actor is attracting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons.

Earlier in the week, John had to apologise after kissing ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ contestant Sugandha Mishra, as the kiss had upset Sugandha’s grandfather. Now John’s past seems to have caught up with him. In 2006, he was involved in a collision with a cyclist where two men were injured. John, being the good soul that he is, rushed the victims to hospital making sure they were ok before he sorted his own injuries out. Last week, however, John was sentenced to a 15-day jail sentence, which has shocked everyone close to him, including his girlfriend Bipasha Basu, who has spoken out saying, “We’ll go to a higher court to fight the verdict. We can’t just accept it quietly. John has been treated unfairly.”

John immediately applied for bail and has been set free. He is said to be in shock over the verdict and is worried about the effect it will have on his young fans, as he does not want the wrong message to be sent out to them.

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