“True love is what remains constant” – Priyanka Chopra

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This Friday we will finally get to see Love Story 2050, a sci-fi flick that is filled with amazing special effects and the amazing Priyanka Chopra. A jewelry line by Ira Diamond has been designed to tie in with the release of the film and at the launch of the line Priyanka talked about films, her co-stars and of course jewelry.

About one of the favorite gifts of many girls, Priyanka said, “Like any other girl, I love jewelry but I don’t like flashy jewelry, I prefer choti jewelry. I love watches too. The jewelry collection for the movie has ideas from me, Mr. Baweja and the Ira team and it complements my outfits very well. It is futuristic yet contemporary so people can wear it in 2008 also.”

For her character’s 2050 avatar Priyanka colored her hair red and everyone agrees it looks gorgeous on her, “If you tell any Indian girl to colour her kaale ghane lambe baal red, she will think you are crazy. (If you tell any Indian girl to colour her long black hair red, she will think you are crazy) But I had to do it for the movie and it was quite an experience in itself.”

One of Priyanka’s favorite co-stars has been Boo. Who is Boo you may ask? Boo is her animatronic best friend from the year 2050. “Boo is my best friend. He takes care of me, looks after me, agar main kuch Bhool jati hoon, toh Boo mujhe yaad dilata hain aur mere kapde tayaar karta hain. He is a sweetheart and har ladki ke paas ek Boo hona chahiye,” she said. (If I forget something then Boo reminds me and gets my clothes ready too. He is a sweetheart and every girl should have a Boo.) It took four men to operate Boo and cost over 4 crore to create. Since she could not take the “real” Boo home with her after the movie wrapped she got a toy version.

Love Story 2050 is set in modern time and of course the year 2050 with the story that love can last forever even across time. Priyanka said that she truly believes in saccaa pyaar: “Oh yes, mein pyaar mein bilkul vishwaas karti hoon. Saal, mahine, din beet jaate hain par pyaar nahi badalta, log bhi badal jaate hai par pyaar nahi badalta. (“Oh yes, I completely believe in love. Years, months, days will pass by but love will never change, people will also change but love won’t.”) So I think in the face of change, true love is what remains constant, like an anchor.”

Seems Priyanka is becoming an expert at working with a green screen and special effects; two of her previous films were full of FX and LS2050 has an incredible amount of amazing FX to create Mumbai in 2050. “My previous film Krrish was full of special effects. Don had lots of action; effects and I learnt martial arts for it. Special effects movies take at least one and a half years to make. This year Love Story 2050 has special effects we have not seen in Bollywood so far and Drona is high on action and effects too. So, yes, I am the special effects Queen of Bollywood!”

She has several films in the pipeline and she has signed on to star in on Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s your Rashee? . The film once again pairs the actress with Harman Baweja. “I am glad people think the chemistry between us is good; we are a very fresh pair. My character in What’s your Rashee? is very exciting. I don’t do movies to work with a particular director or actor or banner. It’s the project that has to excite me and the result has to be a good film.”

With its unique concept and the jodi of Priyanka and Harman, Love Story 2050 is certainly shaping up to be a good film. The film will have its premiere in London on July 2nd and then opens in theaters on July 4th so be sure to check it out!

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