Tukkaa Fitt Diaries 4 – The End to a New Beginning

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Produced by AAP ENTERTAINMENT and Premal Goragandhi the comedy Tukkaa Fitt, directed by Shawn Arranha has completed the final filming schedule for the main part of the film. Still to be done are the songs but that is later. Wow, that went by fast! We have been following the adventure of the crew and the cast which includes Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Vaishali Desai, Hiten Paintal, and Rajpal Yadav along with Mukul Dev, Satish Shah, Mukesh Tiwari, Muku Deol, Sunil Pal, Amit Mistry, Vivek Vaswani, and Mahesh Manjrekar as they have gone along the journey.

Check out the 4th installment of Tukkaa Fitt Diaries as the reach the end to a new beginning!

AAP ENTERTAINMENT and Premal Goragandhi were very pleased with the entire shoot of the film. We shot in Film City. They say shooting in Film City is sacred, it is a lucky charm for every Bollywood film and we were no exception. Mr. Paintal (the veteran comedian actor ) described how Film City back in 1969 was only jungle and cobbled pathways. Cool that we were shooting here for our film!

During the four days of climax shooting, the comedy fighting sequence was howl-aroius. All the actors present were going crazy on the instructions of the action directors. There were eight vanity vans parked on the slope roads. These days were also great because the unit got a special treat. We were treated by the action directors to the delicious birynai. Everyone looked forward to lunch breaks!

The unit who assembled at 6 am and made a convoy to travel to location had a visual and appetizing treat at the Tiger point at Lonalva. The visual: the breathtaking view with eight layers of mountains forming a wave. The appetizing: corn bhajiyas, the sandwich ice cream, the endless nimbupani (lemon soda) and the corns…the unit was definitely extra satiated for the day.

We also shot in the BPCL colony. The unit added this amazing serene location to the film to really add to the finale filming schedule.

There was screaming in the morning and hugs and a sad face at the end of the day. It was the MARTINI (last shot) of the film. Every crew member stayed beyond their wrap time as nobody wanted to say goodbye.

The outstanding footage and the work by the cast an the crew for the six months on the film is an eye witness to the time, energy spent on every detail in the process of making this film.

The Production team was there every morning without hesitation and without any amiss and managed the day fixing every hiccup as soon as they happened.

The direction team: young and vivacious was always in good spirits keeping the energy light.

The art team was a silent team. The brown eyes vision added many dimension to the dhabha scene. Passer by came in to place an order, that was really funny.

The technical team was amazing as they brought in and out the equipment without uttering a word and did even in the bitter cold of night shifts. They packed and unpacked, packed and unpacked.

The camera department kept the Director happy with his demands. The frames looked good and the actors felt happy with them.

The Director Shawn Arranha: young and vibrant always played pranks and kept the crew in splits. He gelled everyone and every crew member had no hesitation in asking him anything directly.

Well, finally the talkie scenes have been canned and now only songs remain of the film.

Wait till you see the film and be prepared to hold your stomach from laughing….

We wish all the best to the efficient team and to the Producer and Director.

Just a few tweets and then it was off to the editing room for director Shawn:

Everyone on sets smiling hav fun today is the last day of TUKKAA FITT shooting :))))))))))))

Shooting for Tukkaa FITT was fun had a great Cast n Crew now will start the editing, Music, Sound, Effects, graphics and lots more 😉

TUKKAA FITT shooting production done now post is on n looking gud hav to get a theme for it in terms of cut style 😉

Have a very gud dedicated team for Tukkaa fitt when u have a gud cast n crew its a happy family making a movie :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Been seeing the rushes or dailies of the film n I am still laughing :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Stay tuned we will be bringing you more including interviews with the cast and crew!

Check out these shots from the last days of the shoot!

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