Tukkaa Fitt Diaries Part 3 – Hot and Gorgeous in Goa

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We are back with another installment of Tukkaa Fitt diaries! Directed by Shawn Arranha Tukkaa Fitt is a comedy, which stars Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Vaishali Desai, Hiten Paintal, and Rajpal Yadav along with Mukul Dev, Satish Shah, Mukesh Tiwari, Muku Deol, Sunil Pal, Amit Mistry, Vivek Vaswani, and Mahesh Manjrekar. This week they went on location to the gorgeous…well, we will let them tell you

Tukkaa Fitt in its fourth week has taken a flight to Goa’s aquamarine beaches…

The Cab – de – ram private stretch of sun and sand has welcomed the Crew in its unique and special way with sweltering heat of 38 degrees a 30 minute excursion up and down the cliff, a sweaty palm stretch from a colleague…..opps life is definitely sweaty and humid in Goa.

The Romantic song shoot between the lead pair Mahaakshay and Vaishali, did I see a twinkle in their eyes ? Did I see the romance hmmmmm!!! I say no more!!!

The Jimmy Jib, The Panther does the job up and down up and down, is becoming a daily morning routine, the Director has all the Crew running around ……all the unit id becoming slim and trim!!! Here is the crazy part, people say Goa is about fenny, party, beach wear and loads of Beer, but it is the opposite with the unit, with all the log of the day, the Crew winds up in doing more and more shoots.

Director Shawn Arranha, who celebrated his birthday with his unit, has promised a wrap up party at Goa, after all the unit made sure he was happy saying CUT on his birthday well in time for his martini shot…..

Hats off to the team of Tukkaa Fitt In thermometer rising heat, the spirits are up of the Production Crew helmed by Laxmi Singh, she has kept everyone happy by insuring the soles (souls) are at rest after wrap every day. She insures harmony breeds hence film looks good on screen.

All actors on the sets are chilled and loving the pleasant beach atmosphere. They get to shoot in exotic locations and have the most amazing goan food.

Some tweets from the hot Goa set!

Director Shawn Arranha
Today i can say @vaishali_desai for TUKKAA FITT looked stunning in the shot, wait and watch out for this hottie guys 😉

Look out for the new crazy 3 ofTUKKAA FITT @Mahaakshay @HitenPaintal and Rajpal Yadav 🙂

Been having fun in goa shooting with @Mahaakshay @HitenPaintal @vaishali_desai Fantastic together 😉

Fully tanned n hot 😉 loving it bn shooting romantic love song between @Mahaakshay and @vaishali_desai n they both look good together 😉

Having a great shoot with Miss @vaishali_desai who is looking fab in TUKKAA FITT:)

Hey there all sorry had gone off the radar was shooting on a virgin beach heheheheeh so beautiful

Gt a call frm my senior editor sayin th look of TUKKAA FiTT is gud n edt loks gr8 @Mahaakshay @HitenPaintal @vaishali_desai @VIVECKVASWANI

Star Mahaakshay C.

Chillin at the beach before a shot

Shooting the romantic song of #TUKKAAFITT in the blazing sun with the gorgeous @vaishali_desai She’s looking stunning!

Producer Premal Goragandhi

Had sometime back dreamt about the song’s picturization and it really did come true in Goa! Hats off to the choreographers and actors!! 🙂

Super dinner last night.. Goan style.. Looking forward to another super day of shooting@TukkaFit

Well, there is lots to write on Tukkaa Fitt Diaries, as time clocks away, its time to say…..watch out for more…..

For now look at this gorgeous location!

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