Udita Goswami has a Fistful of Films

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Stunning Udita Goswami has five films lined up in the next year. “Just imagine, from one film in a year, I am rolling now as many as five. It’s good to be occupied and be doing some nice work,” she comments, “I’m working in Fox and The Man, both of which are action films with Sunny Deol in the lead. Both films give me a chance to do something that I haven’t done before.”

Udita also has two lined up with Akshay Kumar — Chase and Hello India and a supernatural thriller called Rokk. It’s well-known in the trade that Udita refused to take on any roles in movies that weren’t woman-centric after her debut — so well known in fact that producers began to ignore her as they thought she would be too difficult to convince. “I had to have a change in mindset and thankfully now I have revisited my priorities,” she concedes, “I have become more flexible in my choice of roles but I am still particular about the banners I sign and people I work with.”

Sporty Udita recently attended the Indian Tigers Football League as the heavy rains fell. ITFL is a sports programme in Mumbai offering world-class football coaching to youngsters of all ages. “Our country has the potential to be one of the top 20 football playing countries of the world, all we need is to train 18 committed players,” she explains, “We have a population of over a billion today; the best place to start spotting talent is at schools. Such tournaments as these develop grassroots football; we need to focus on the kids to build the great teams for the future.” And in a comment that will ring bells with every British football fan, she added, “Football and Rain — what better combination?”

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