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Karisma Kapur or Kapoor, whichever you prefer, may not be seen on the big screen too much, except for the odd special appearances, but that doesn’t keep the actress out of the limelight. Often seen at celebrity events, on the Polo ground cheering on her husband or on the small screen being a dancing judge, the actress does have her hands filled. While the actress is enjoying her stint on the small screen, she doesn’t deny eventually making a come back in films when the right script comes along. She is currently judging Hans Baliye with her favorite director, David Dhawan. “Now, after David Dhawan and I have bonded as judges, there’s been a lot of talk of us doing a movie together. It’s nice to know that you are still wanted. I might do a movie with David but, so far I can’t say for sure if I’ll make a comeback or just stay away,” she told a leading publication.

Daughter Samaira claims to be her biggest fan and is an avid watcher of Nach Baliye while husband Sanjay is not a television or film fan, “He’s not a movie or TV buff. For him, it’s only polo and business. He would never agree to doing a Nach Baliye.”

Her admiration for younger sister Kareena Kapoor is immense. She believes her sister is a much more spontaneous actress why she was definitely more “studied.” Additionally, she claims that “comparisons” should never be made as the sisters are clearly “poles apart.” As for Kareena’s choice of beau, Saif Ali Khan, Karisma is more than happy for her Bebo. “I’ve known Saif as a co-star for years. Whenever we get time off, we laugh about the days we worked together. He’s part of the family now. He keeps Bebo grounded and happy. He’s mature and handles everything well… he loves her to bits. They are the most beautiful couple I know!”

The actress also went on to quickly state that even after being married for over seven-years, the hard times have taught her and husband Sanjay to “sail through tough times with a smile.”

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