Urvashi Sharma makes her debut in Naqaab

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Urvashi Sharma is all set to take Bollywood by storm when she makes her debut this Friday in Abbas-Mustan’s Naqaabb. The film is a thriller that also stars Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna. The films story is being kept under wraps so the audience can enjoy the ride it takes you on to the fullest.

They have also been keeping Sharma on the down low and have even gone as far as to keep her from giving interviews. Though we do know what this model turned actress looks like, we don’t know much about her or anything about her character except her name, Sophie.

But in a recent email “interview” for Hitlist she was able to talk about herself a little.

“Nothing about me is fake, including my name. Urvashi Sharma is my real name and I am as real as you can get.”

Sharma’s family is Punjabi and hails from Delhi. Urvashi began her career as a model and has done campaigns for Ponds, Garnier, Kit Kat and Monte Carlo to name a few.

As model she was used to working in front of camera but in order to prepare for Bollywood she enrolled in Vidhur’s Creating Characters Acting School and also is taking kathak classes.

“Dancing is very much part of Bollywood. It’s all about the complete package,” Sharma said. Adding that she would not mind doing items numbers as long as she felt they were right.

About acting she said, “I believe in spontaneity. Once you read the script, you understand what is required of the character.”

Sharma feels very lucky that her debut film is Naqaab and says about Abbas and Mustan, “They’re the masters of thrillers and simple human beings.”

Signing for and preparing for a role is one thing, but then came that first shot for Naqaab and she was very tense. “During my acting course, I avoided doing melodramatic scenes, but my very first scene was melodramatic! I had to shriek and scream and I was nervous. My knees were shaking. When the cameras rolled, I let myself go. The scene was canned in the first take. That gave me confidence.”

Both Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna, her co-stars got high praise. “Bobby is a good human being and a good actor. He taught me to dance freestyle. The fact that I am Punjabi added to the comfort level on the sets. Akshaye Khanna was very sweet too. In fact, he helped me whenever I got stuck with certain scenes. He would literally enact those scenes with my lines and show me how it out to be done! He is so talented. I got good support from both of them even though I was a debutante.”

We cannot wait to see what this thriller has in store for us and are eager to see how well this actress does in her debut film! We wish her the best of luck!

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