UTV Movies to Show Jodhaa Akbar’s Deleted Scenes

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UTV has a big treat in store for viewers on their new movie channel UTV Movies. UTV’s film, Jodhaa Akbar, is continuing its glorious run at the box office, and that means the release of DVD will most likely not be anytime soon. Besides those who were not able to see the film in the theaters, many will be excited about getting their hands on the Jodhaa Akbar DVD to see if deleted scenes will be part of the extras. It is hard to imagine that the brilliant 3 hour plus film would have deleted scenes, but with such an epic story there were scenes shot that in the end did have to be cut.

However, we can now report that you will not have to wait until the DVD releases to get to watch these scenes because UTV plans to showcase them on the small screen on their new movie channel, UTV Movies. The scenes will be shown even before the DVD releases in stores, a brilliant publicity strategy to bring new viewers to the channel.

UTV Movies launched in February this year and has over 300 movie titles including, Rang De Basanti, Life In A…Metro, Aap Ka Surroor and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal to name a few. The channel is also going to be groundbreaking because it is going to give the viewer a voice in what is seen. According to Shantonu Aditya, CEO, UTV Entertainment Television: “UTV Movies will be a clearly differentiated Hindi movie channel benefiting from UTV’s long experience of making successful Hindi movies, and also its deep understanding of the passionate Hindi movie viewer. The channel will be the only one in the category to give the viewer’s voice its rightful place. The channel will not only bring a large number of outstanding movies to the viewer, it will set new benchmarks in terms of cutting-edge packaging and enduring viewer involvement.”

We, like many of you, will be eagerly anticipating experiencing even more of Jodhaa Akbar through the deleted scenes and of course to get our copy of the DVD. We will keep you up to date on news about both!

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